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A famous airman of JG26 "Schlageter"


Bestowed upon Jagdgeschwader 132, later renamed Jagdgeschwader 26, on 8 December 1938 by Luftwaffen - Verordnungsblatt Nr 3C, Order Nr 48, this cuffband commemorated Albert Leo Schlageter, a decorated World War I officer, early Nazi Party member and a veteran of both Freikorps von Medem and von Löwenfeld.

Schlageter had been involved in sabotage acts in the French-occupied Ruhr basin. He was caught, tried and executed by the French on 26 May 1923, thus providing Hitler with another ‘martyr” to the cause.

The cuffband bore the inscription “Jagdgeschwader Schlageter” in the usual Gothic script lettering on a dark blue base and was worn on the lower right sleeve.

Three examples of the standard NCO / enlisted man cuffband .note the style variation in the "S" of Schlageter.



The reverse of the above band

Major Klaus Mietusch
JG 26 "Schlageter"
Ritterkreuz - 26 March 1944
Deutsches Kreuz  - 15 October 1942

Another example of the standard NCO / enlisted man cuffband

Rare to find the Schlageter cuff title being worn by enlisted soldiers.

SCHLAGETER cuffttitle worn by a NCO

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