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Not to be outdone by their peers, the Air Force Branch of the Reich belatedly introduced the Honor Roll of the Luftwaffe in 1944, with the first presentation of the Clasps taking place on August 5, 1944.

Manufacture and Technical Information 

In this case the Clasp was made of gilt tombac and constructed  as a single strike badge (making it hollow on the reverse).  The decoration featured a Luftwaffe Eagle holding in its talons a swastika.  Surrounding the eagle is a wreath of oak leaves, with six bunches of three leaves on each side.  When the oak leaves reach the top of the badge they meet tip-to-tip, while two acorns pointing upwards adorn the base of it. 

  The dimensions were as follows,



Presentation, Wear and Documents

Like the majority of the high distinctions of the Third Reich, this decoration was presented in a box which was covered with imitation black leather. The interior of the lid was covered with blue flocking. The Decoration rested on a display unit out of paperboard covered also with blue flocking. A small  blue and white strip made it possible to withdraw the display unit of the box. There is no marking of manufacturer. 

Dimensions of this case are as follows: 

Along with the Clasp an authorizing document was presented and an entry was made into the appropriate soldiers' documents.  As with the Honor Clasps of the other branches of the Armed Forces, the Luftwaffe Honor Clasp was worn on the ribbon of the Iron Cross 2nd Class.

Award Criteria

The award criteria for the Luftwaffe Honor Clasp did not vary from the Heer and Kriegsmarine Badge, namely to perform an outstanding act, but one which did not merit recommendation for the Knights Cross or German Cross..

The Luftwaffe is unique because an “Honor List” (Ehrenliste), a list of combatants who had achieved great honor, existed since August 1941. All its members received the “Goblet of Honor of the Luftwaffe” (Ehrenpokal), and many also received decorations such as the German Cross and the Knights Cross.

When the Honor Roll of the Luftwaffe was created in 1944 by Reichsmarshall Hermann Goring, the “Honor List” (Ehrenliste) of the Luftwaffe, and the “Honor Roll” (Ehrenblatt) of the Luftwaffe merged.  At that point, all the holders of the “Goblet of Honor of the Luftwaffe” received the “Honor Clasp of the Luftwaffe” automatically.

An estimate of the number of recipients is impossible because there is no file to reference.

To the left is Major Hans Jungwirth, of Fallschirm.A.A.12.  He wears the Luftwaffe Clasp on the buttonhole as regulated.  At the moment, this is the only picture of wear of this award that I am aware of.




To the right is the Luftwaffe Honor Clasp as it would be presented in the box.  Notice the small string used to take the award out.  Below it is the reverse of the Clasp with its four soldered prongs.




  Below left is a reproduction Luftwaffe Clasp, notice the blurriness of the details.

The above badge is a reproduction

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