The few Honor Awards of the Third Reich time represent a different breed of decorations.  Although they were not earned for a particular achievement, but were gifts that symbolized and strengthened the bond between the leadership and the men.  They were considered gifts of devotion, commitment and excellency, and were treasured by recipients as much, perhaps even more, than bravery decorations. 

Three Honor Awards branches will be covered here, one set that is State awarded - The Honor Clasps of the Wehrmacht - and two awards that were presented only by a particular branch; The non-portable awards of the Luftwaffe and the Death’s Head Ring of the SS.  Follow the links below to the pages covering these awards.

Because the Luftwaffe Honor Goblet was a more detailed, a separate section has been created.


Honor Clasps of the Wehrmacht SS Honor Ring Luftwaffe Honor Goblet Non-Portable Luftwaffe Awards


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