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Schwimmwagen from Austria , does it still exist ?

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    Schwimmwagen from Austria , does it still exist ?

    Fellow collectors ,
    when I was a kid in the sixties and early seventies my late father used to own a used car dealership in Linz / Austria .
    From time to time he had some Kübelwagens on his lot.
    Only once he had the chance to buy and resell a Schwimmwagen.
    As a kid I really liked that car a lot !
    But of course my dad sold it after a while.
    The special thing about this deal was that a guy from the US was the buyer and
    as my dad told me whenever I asked about the Schwimmwagen that person paid a premium price for it.

    Well for nearly fifty years now I had the photo of the Schwimmer but no idea about the buyer.
    Not too Long ago while sorting thru some old papers I found the business card of what could be the buyer then in around 1970-72.
    Maybe the car is still around in the US somewhere.
    The pic shows the car with attached blue dealer´s plates when my dad got it.
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    Here a pic of my dad in a Kübelwagen and one pic from the mid sixties where you can see a Kübelwagen in the far left .
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      That Schwimmwagen might be the one owned by an attorney in Lumberton, N.C That I heard of in the early 80s. BILL


        schöne Historie, viel Glück.
        Now they cost a fortune ... Remember one NSU Kettengrad in a village was for sale in the 80´s for 10k German Mark...
        search: BMW R12 parts
        search: everything from Fliegerhorst Illesheim
        search: everything from Kavallerie Reg. 17 Bamberg


          Wow,cool vehicles your dad had. Love the vintage car photos. I am sure the garage is long gone. On google maps it is a parking lot and mini mall. I am sure the vehicle exists in someones collection though.


            Great pictures, thanks for showing

            Do you have ?

            Artillery Hauptmann Waffenrock (with trousers) from 109 Art. Rgt - made by R.Schafranek, WIEN


              Interesting to see all those small changes on this Schwimmwagen, done after the war



                So very cool. Thanks for sharing it.


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