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"Doppelgurtkasten" for oil and kerosene cans

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    "Doppelgurtkasten" for oil and kerosene cans

    Hi all!
    Recently I was putting together this set. I heard some urban legends that these double belt boxes were also used with MGs (maybe occasionally?) to keep oil cans in them. I have in my one: 2X Petroleum, W. Schm. Oel, Oel.
    Do you know the exact purpose of these double/large metal sheet boxes? Someone told me that those are for FlAK (?). Can you please show me archive pictures in use maybe? Do you think it is authentic to keep my oil cans in it?

    My exact example has also a "RI" field applied symbol on it. On the internet I saw already with "RII" and "RIII" markings too (besides "RI" ofv).
    (maybe Reinigungskiste I-II-III? )

    Wishing you a nice day!
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    This kind of box would be a double MG ammo box in WWI but in WWII they would be used as Oil-Petrol can boxes, as you mentioned, but also as spare part boxes for heavy weapons, such as FlaK guns, as you have mentioned also. SO all those things you have heard are right. You can only tell the exact use of a box if it has something writen on the lid or has the original content.

    looking for a Kar 98k bolt in working condition numbered 2020, please let me know if you have one.


      Thank you for your confirmation, Carles


        The one you show has the solid handle and the pressed steel locking latch so presumably has a ww2 marking somewhere on it and you are using it as intended.

        The V early MG box had a divider down the centre to prevent the belts getting tangled and the handle and latch would be WW1 or mid war type.

        Many double mg belt boxes had the divider removed and were re-purposed.

        Nice example by the way, been their, but not totally rusted and knackered.




          thank you, Timg!
          I like the condition you described - plus it is harder to fake this kind of rust. For such rookies as myself, that must be an argument also


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