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m38 gas mask value

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    m38 gas mask value

    Forum members, Talked to an antique dealer this morning and he mentioned he has a German m38 gas mask he's going to sell.....He says numbers match on the mask/can, and the set includes extra lenses, defog cloth, and spring......It also sounds like it has the soldier's name in it, is the early cloth covered facepiece that is a size 1 (large)....I don't think it's a Luftschutz, but he wouldn't know the difference.....

    Now, my question is...He's going to ask at least $150....Does the size help value?....I don't believe I've ever seen a Size 1 mask....Also, I realize the defog cloth/springs have been heavily reproduced....This and I'm of the thought that the market on these masks have soften considerably the last number of years......Curious as to what the market is fetching these days on complete German gas mask sets in wonderful condition......All thoughts appreciated as usual.....Bodes


    Without pictures it is impossible to give a value unfortunately, so many points that determine the value.....

    Are straps present, are the leatcher pieces on the straps, are they dated etc etc

    Btw, you are talking about a m30 mask if i hear correctly.....size 1 is not difficult....

    As for m38 masks : rubber green ones with size 1 are not often seen......

    I would pay 150 for a very good condition set, number matching, with all correct straps with no problem....

    They have become more expensive the last few years..... i used to buy complete sets for aprox 50€ only a few years ago......



      Thanks Tom....The dealer referred to the mask as an m38, so I just went along with it...I haven't seen it yet, was just going by his description....He mentioned he thought the strap may be a reproduction, but some tend to be somewhat lightweight.....Again I hope it's not a Luftschutz, as those are often found in really nice condition...

      My only price reference is the internet.....The collector's guild has a couple unsold ones for $238....SVMilitaria sold a pretty decent one for $200....The mask being a little stiff, but the can was really clean......

      We'll see what happens, as I hope to see it within the next week or so.....Bodes


        As Tom mentioned ; wothout photos it is imposible to value the set, as we do not see in what condition it realy is ( and what model/type of gasmask and canister it is ).

        M38 are RUBBER gasmasks, while M30 are rubberized cloth gasmasks . From your description it looks like M30 gasmask.

        There are diffrent types of gasmask which may have diffrent value ( for example green M38 usualy have higher value than black M38 gasmasks, simply because the green one were made in lower quantity, than black one - also the date of made in green M38 gasmask may have an impact on the value ) .
        The lack or presence of original carrying straps ( the type of straps as well etc ) have an impact on price too.

        Too many many factors to value the gasmask set ( or gasmask itself ) without photos and on basis of description only.

        Also the fact of military or paramilitary use has as well an impact on price.

        So if you would like have any realistic value than please provide photos.
        Still looking for LARGE SIZE M43 gabardine jacket and m43 gabardine cap ... maybe some day I will find it best regards Marcin


          If the canister is painted anything other than plain feldgrau, i.e camouflaged or dunkelgelb then value is going to be even higher. $150 sounds reasonable assuming rubber is good, all straps present. Name on it is unusual but not rare. If it had a unit marking then this might also increase price, for collectors searching for items attributed to a particular unit/campaign.


            Thanks anmarlodz and Simon, The additional information is helpful.....Bodes


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