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K98k Cleaning Kits.

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    Nigromontanus, I think this is clear.

    The German manual H.Dv 256 of the "Reinigungsgerät 34" from 1936, indicates clearly that the "Hülsenkopfwischer" is only present in the "Reinigungsgerät 34", and not in the "Reinigunsgerät 34 für Kal. 5,6". This manual also shows this in their illustrations of both type of kits.

    I assume this tool was present on every cleaning kit, except the cal .22 kits, that left the factory. Another thing is what happened with these tools at the front line, for example when the soldier was equiped with a MG or Mpi.

    Best wishes,
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      Thank you very much. It is very fine that my approach of drawing conclusions from realia finds its truth by other methods too.


        Thank you very much. It is very fine that my approach of drawing conclusions from realia finds its truth by other methods too.


          Ky 1939

          Here is my contribution to this model "KY 1939", all the elements have the same markings.


            cy maker marked late war chain and also found this interesting, blue arr 4 dated kit with tan paint under one of the clips
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              subtle variations in pull through's, last one for the .22 as shown before
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                cleaning kit makers' complete list

                With your help, I'd like to complete cleaning kit makers' list.
                This is my list:
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                  With your help, I'd like to complete cleaning kit makers' list.
                  This is my list:


                  MUNDLOS 1935 W aA 219
                  MUNDLOS 1936 W aA 219
                  MUNDLOS 1936 W aA 39
                  MUNDLOS 1937 W aA 439
                  MUNDLOS 1937 W aA 536
                  MUNDLOS 1938 W aA 243
                  MUNDLOS 1939 W aA 243
                  MUNDLOS 1940 W aA 243

                  ab 40 W aA 243
                  ab 41 WaA 243
                  ab 41 W aA WITHOUT
                  ab 42 WaA 243
                  ab 43 W aA 313
                  ab 43 TAN W aA 313
                  ab 44 WaA 313



                  WITH LOGO WITHOUT DATE AND WaA
                  HAVIG WITHOUT WaA
                  HAVIG WITH LOGO WaA 94
                  HAVIG 1940 WaA 100
                  WITH LOGO 1940 WaA 100

                  HAVIG MARKED "MARINE"

                  cmr 41 WaA 14
                  cmr 42 WaA 14
                  cmr 43 WITHOUT WaA
                  cmr 44 WaA 14
                  cmr 45 WITHOUT WaA
                  cmr 45 WITH WaA ?



                  G. APPEL WITHOUT WaA
                  G. APPEL WaA 67
                  G. APPEL 1935 WaA 134
                  G. APPEL 1936 WaA 325
                  G. APPEL 1937 WITHOUT WaA
                  G. APPEL 1938 WaA 61
                  G. APPEL 1938 WaA 500
                  G. APPEL 1938 WITHOUT WaA

                  64 WaA 253
                  64 WaA20

                  cnx WaA 20
                  cnx WITHOUT WaA
                  CNX WaA 20
                  CNX WaA 253 ?

                  chd aw WaA ?


                  Rbl 44 : unknown address

                  Rbl 44 WITHOUT WaA very rare
                  Rbl 44 TAN very very rare


                  KH 1935 WaA 109
                  KH 1936 WaA 265
                  KH 1936 WaA 225
                  KH 1937 WaA 442
                  KH 1938 WaA 225
                  KH 1938 WaA 442
                  KH 1939 WaA 442
                  KH 1940 WaA 57
                  KH 1941 WaA 57

                  KY 1936 WaA 439
                  KY 1936 WaA 265
                  KY 1937 WaA 439
                  KY 1937 WaA 442
                  KY 1938 WaA 442
                  KY 1939 WaA 442
                  KY 1940 WaA 57
                  KY 1940 WaA 225
                  KY 1941 WaA 57

                  SOME KY MARKED "MARINE"

                  arr 41 WaA 57
                  arr 42 WaA 57
                  arr 42 WaA 068
                  arr 42 WaA 392
                  arr 43 WITHOUT WaA
                  arr 43 WaA 57
                  arr 43 WaA 392
                  arr 43 WITHOUT WaA
                  arr 4 WaA 57
                  arr 4 WaA 392
                  arr 4 WITHOUT WaA
                  arr 4 TAN WaA 57
                  arr 4 TAN WaA 392
                  arr 4 TAN WITHOUT WaA

                  4 WaA 392

                  4 TAN WaA 392

                  RCO 44 WITHOUT WaA
                  RCO 44 TAN WITHOUT WaA
                  RCO 45 TAN WITHOUT WaA


                  kit kkw (c22)
                  G. APPEL 1936 WaA 109
                  G. APPEL 1937 WaA 109
                  G. APPEL 1937 WITHOUT WaA
                  G. APPEL 1938 WaA 500
                  64 WaA 20



                  ayw WaA 225



                  ftd WITHOUT WaA rare


                  kit PZ B 39
                  64 WaA 20
                  cnx WaA 20

                  Best regards,
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                    This is my list (or better said, my dreamy list) of Rg34 markings/WaA. Of course, it's not definitive list !

                    KK kits not included.
                    In yellow IMO rare kits.
                    In red IMO extremely rare.

                    Gustav Appel:

                    G.Appel 1935 WaA134
                    G.Appel1936 WaA325
                    G.Appel 1937 WaA453
                    G.Appel 1937 WaA500
                    G.Appel 1937 Without WaA
                    G.Appel 1938 WaA500
                    G.Appel 1938 WaA67
                    G.Appel WaA 67
                    G.Appel without WaA
                    64 WaA20
                    cnx WaA20
                    (No code) WaA20
                    CNX WaA20
                    CNX without WaA


                    Mundlos 1935 WaA219
                    Mundlos 1936 WaA219
                    Mundlos 1936 WaA439
                    Mundlos 1937 WaA439
                    Mundlos 1938 WaA243
                    Mundlos 1939 WaA243
                    Mundlos 1940 WaA243
                    ab40 WaA243
                    ab41 WaA243
                    ab42 WaA243
                    ab43 WaA313
                    ab44 WaA313
                    ab44 without WaA


                    Hawig without WaA
                    Hawig Logo WaA M (Navy)
                    Hawig Logo WaA94
                    Hawig Logo WaA100
                    cmr WaA14
                    cmr 41 WaA14
                    cmr 42 WaA14
                    cmr 43 WaA14
                    cmr 44 WaA14
                    cmr 45 without WaA

                    Peter Schlesinger:

                    ftd without WaA

                    IMO Aktien-Maschinenfabrik Kyffhäuserhütte:

                    KH 1935 WaA108
                    Ky 1936 WaA265
                    Ky 1937 WaA265
                    Ky 1937 WaA442
                    Ky 1938 WaA442
                    Ky 1939 WaA442
                    Ky 1939 WaA M (Navy)
                    Ky 1940 WaA57
                    Ky 1941 WaA57

                    Braunschweigische Blechwarenfabrik:

                    arr 41 WaA20
                    arr 41 WaA57
                    arr 41 WaA750
                    arr 42 WaA20
                    arr 42 WaA57
                    arr 42 WaA068
                    arr 42 WaA 392
                    arr 42 WaA750
                    arr 42 without WaA
                    arr 43 WaA20
                    arr 43 WaA57
                    arr 43 WaA392
                    arr 43 without WaA
                    arr 4 WaA20
                    arr 4 WaA57
                    arr 4 WaA392
                    arr 4 (two lines) WaA392
                    rco 44 without WaA
                    rco 45 without WaA

                    Unknow manufacturer:

                    rbl 44 Without WaA

                    Sandgelb/tan Rg34:

                    ab 41 WaA243 Sandgelb
                    ab 42 WaA243 Sandgelb

                    64 WaA20 Sandgelb
                    cnx WaA20 Sandgelb
                    arr 4 WaA 392 Tan
                    arr 4 (two lines) 392 Tan
                    rco 44 without WaA Tan
                    rco 45 without WaA Tan

                    Reinigungsgerät 34 Lg (Panzerbusche):

                    G.Appel WaA20
                    64 WaA 20
                    cnx WaA20

                    Best wishes,
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                      Kit contents - all same manufacturer?

                      Fascinating thread guys, and GREAT photos
                      I have a question.....Did each manufacturer make and assemble a complete kit themselves and then send them off to the military depots...or were the kits assembled by the Quatermaster at the military depot from seperately received parts from different manufacturers?
                      What I am getting at is when a brand new cleaning kit was issued, did it contain every item from the same manufacturer - or did different manufacturers only make certain items?
                      Hope you understand what I mean!


                        I would say the kits were put togrther by the maker that's on the container, wether they made all the components in the kit I don't know. I do have a few kits that have all the components maker marked, except for the brushes. It's possible the components were made by different manufacturers ( sub-contractors )and then stamped with the "makers mark".


                          Thanks for reply Raymond
                          I think you may be right that a particular manufacturer may have 'bought in' the component parts of a kit from different makers and then stamped them with their own maker mark. Thinking about it, that would seem to be normal manufacturing process on very large orders (the same as is done nowadays).
                          Furthermore, each manufacturing facility had its own Waffenamt inspection department where the WaA stampings were applied, I guess much like the modern MILspecs.
                          I have today received a cleaning kit from Holland, bought at a militaria fair and I was very pleased indeed to see that the 'spoon' was of the early type with no 'stud' - I shall upload some photos soon.


                            64 Cleaning kit from Holland

                            This was bought for me at a militaria fair in Holland. The tin is stamped 64 and WaA20.
                            The oiler is stamped GAPPEL 1935.
                            Pull-through chain is stamped WaA243 (which makes it a MUNDLOS AG) and on the other side to that is stamped a capitol 'M'
                            The 'spoon' has (and never did have) a K98 receiver release 'stud', and there are no stampings on it.
                            There are also 2 oily cloth patches in the bottom section of the container which still has an amount of original grease in it. There are still traces of the original oil in the oiler.
                            I am very pleased with this kit ever though the chain is perhaps not original to this kit.


                              Ray, I think that your whole kit is a mix match of parts. The oiler and tool are very early but the can and chain are of later production. The correct can would also be marked G.Appel and 1935.

                              1935 G.Appel kit marked DRP Schw

                              1935 G.Appel kit marked DRP Bswg with early butterfly pull through chain.

                              1935 G.Appel marked tool without floorplate stud.
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                                Thanks for nice photos, Peter. I guess I should call mine a 'starter kit' and look around for some matching items to make a more 'focussed' kit.


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