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    Hi guys!
    It has long been searching for a model of a flashlight, say it accurately called a German symbol of this thing.
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    This is the first flashlight I see a fully equipped and operational. Prior to that, I've only seen parts of it in relic condition
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      That stigma, there is also a stigma on the wire
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        Hi Anton,

        what you want exactly to know from this German Headlight?

        Greetings lett


          Hi lett

          I was wondering who used such lights WH or LW? if possible exactly who relied such lanterns. Also on another forum suggested that it is a flashlight made after the Second World War, in my opinion this is not true. Because of this, I Interest your views on the period of manufacturing a flashlight.

          Regards Antom
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            I saw one of these headlights in a museum in Belgium once Baugnez 44 to be exact.
            Here is a Photo:

            I don't know anything about these, but the museum got loads of original stuff so big chance of being original!



              ...It is original! Those "Headlamps" have been mainly produced for Luftwaffe Bomber Crews but they were still used for other Special Op´s..




                L9 = Robert Karst, Berlin

                made of Z2 = Phenolic resin with cellulose filler

                The Material-Code 51 is in my opinion the postwar-code for Z1.
                In a book from 1949 is wrote the 51 is the "neue Bezeichnung" (new Name)

                P.S. the postwar-code for Z2 is 54. Maybe the part with the material-code 51 is postwar-"repaired".

                Hope this helps. Btw excuse my bad english.


                  Guys thanks for the help. By the way the photo from the museum head lamp, not dressed properly, it should be worn on the head, helmet wear on top of him, on top lantern will turn made specifically for the helmets visor. About the postwar construction, I do not think so, I bought a lamp in the family of a war veteran with the other trophies. I think the book is not accurate. I saw a different stamp on things made from bakelite, here are some strange marks.
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                    Stamp on the capacity for margarine
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                      I read the book once again, its also possible that the "neue Bezeichung" was issued in Februar 1943 with the "Regeln für Formpreßstoffe VDE 0320/XII 42".
                      So the item with 51 must be produced after Feb. 43 but not postwar...

                      This should it be I think!

                      For your information:


                      eqt = Preßmaterial-Werk Hermann Römmler & Schumann Komm.-Ges., Berlin-Friedenau

                      bzh = Josef Mellert, Bretten/Baden


                      K = Urea resin with organic filler


                        Thanks for the help, as I understood headlamp rare item?


                          IMO the headlamps are very rare, never saw one in real life besides the one in the museum.
                          I don't know about the wear, just wanted to show you the picture


                            Hi Anton,

                            There are many bakelite headlamps in circulation from the flashlight model Zeiler 4350 DRP but yours model ist a lamp made in Germany 1936/1944 Kreiger (U) Faudt Berlin made in the war various types of head lamp use for LW and fieldhospital.

                            NB soon you can see it all in my New German 1-2 (WO) flashlights book ,here's a preview with some pictures form a bakelite Zeiler fieldhospital headlamp 1938 in Mint condition from my collection German headlamps.

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                              hi Lett

                              i am waiting for your book

                              greetings bruno


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