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What is the value of these sleevebands on today's market?

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    Originally posted by jimt View Post
    Herman von salza $2200
    Gerneral Seyfardtt $1500

    Landstorm Nederland $1350
    Der Fuhrer $1100
    Michael Gassimar $1550
    Reinhard Heydrich $650
    Theodor Eicke 1200
    nordland $1250

    Nothing that rare in the above , a large grouping of bevo cufftitles also just surfaced..........
    Theodor Eicke for 1200$?

    That’s cheaper than I’ve known anywhere.

    I have noticed on a Hannah’s Reich Martin has priced a lot of Bevo cuffs realistically over the last year. A lot cheaper than I was aware they were selling.


      Nice to connect with you Duff! Those were amazing days in the Seattle area in the 1960s and 70s. You, Tracy, Josh, Dick, several others. A lot of great stuff came out of that area. I have always been interested in the early SA items, Dick had a great selection of hats including SA "coffee cans". Couldn't pry one out of him! Josh was king but very shrewd and tough to deal with. The Renton gun shows were great fun.

      I have since researched and contributed chapters to books on the NPEA. Never even heard of it then! Hope all is well with your and yours! Ed


        What is the story on the Wallonien cuff title find? First they were 6k , then around 4k. How many were found?


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