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    While you might not consider Leningrad a 'land battle', more civilians died in that siege than all Americans in every war ever fought. The losses in the Ardennes were awful, but nothing compared to the Eastern front. Look at the men and material lost at Kursk.


      Originally posted by Colorado View Post
      The 1.1 million Soldiers involved in the 1944 Ardennes Battle of the Bulge fighting might disagree with your assertion. Some say it was the largest land battle in history.

      I believe there were 100,000 German casualties and 80,000 US casualties including 19,000 killed.
      Oh, I have already heard many times that it was the US and not Russia that won WW2 and defeated Germany!

      From (the forth paragraph at
      "Operation Barbarossa remains the largest military operation, in terms of manpower, area traversed, and casualties, in human history. The failure of Operation Barbarossa resulted in the eventual defeat of Nazi Germany and is considered a turning point for the Third Reich. Most importantly, Operation Barbarossa opened up the Eastern Front, which ultimately became the biggest theater of war in world history. Operation Barbarossa and the areas which fell under it became the site of some of the largest and most brutal battles, deadliest atrocities, terrible loss of life, and horrific conditions for Soviets and Germans alike - all of which influenced the course of both World War II and 20th century history."


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