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    Originally posted by G23 View Post
    Good afternoon! For your attention additional close-up photos of stamps.
    Originally posted by SScollector View Post
    These markings are horrible, nothing like an original. Everytime that you post a clearer photo of this badge, it only shows more clearly, the casted problems. So, if you are trying to pass this off as being original, you might want to consider only posting small, blurry photos so that any potential buyer might not notice.

    Just my thoughts,

    Yes, G23, come on now buddy. You asked and did not get the answers you wanted.

    Listen, we have all been there, getting disappointed that the things we thought were gold were crap.
    Please accept that this badge is a fake and worth maybe 1€. So please, move on with your life because it is not the quality of the pics that are the problem, it is the badge that is a fake, regardless on how close you put your camera to it.


      all post of the member on WAF are here about this badge only
      search: BMW R12 parts
      search: everything from Fliegerhorst Illesheim
      search: everything from Kavallerie Reg. 17 Bamberg


        What’s funny(and unfortunate) is this badge was posted on FB and given thumbs up.


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