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    Originally posted by derek View Post
    "He had in Austria one Tailor in Graz who made him his Tunic, including his Effects."

    Based on what evidence? I have read thousands of documents from the RZM and Verwaltungsamtes-SS in the course of researching SS insignia and it is curious that the extremely strict protocols and rules that are contained in them go flying out the window - especially when it comes to questionable items.
    Based on several conversations I had with people who were in Himmler's inner circle and also family, including those he visited very often in Graz and 2 bills from the tailor in Graz. Himmler is Himmler and the rest is the rest. You are surely right, every normal soldier, officer or general with a few exceptions, who did it exactly like Himmler, got his stuff the way it is written in the documents you have read, only not Himmler, at least in this case it is provable.

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      Originally posted by jimt View Post
      I wonder why the collar tabs do not fit properly in the box ?
      I thought that too, but if you turned the tabs around by 90 degrees they fit the box well, leaving room for the RZM Tag, can not see any attaching thread on the tabs or seal. Can not imagine the seal just freely floating in the box.. or the seal has just been added (based on the picture Previously attached)
      but as stated before.. why would the paper tag be missing if un issued..
      best Colin


        Derek, you are fully right.



          Originally posted by Silberkreuz View Post
          Here is another 100% original that looks like the weitze one. The weitze has a correct makers number too. EB15B6D4-0C06-4F14-BA95-ECC1E9C109B9.jpeg
          Who's tunic is this cufftitle on ? or better yet could we see a picture of it ? thanks


            What’s with the fuzzy ink stamp on the document? Would expect nice crisp image on a high level piece.
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              Originally posted by mevm36 View Post
              I also highly doubt that he is willing to risk his reputation by knowingly offering for sale such a magnificent collection if he knew it was a copy. He would then list it as such!

              That's funny... See this one:

              "Der Führer vasn't a mousy little momma's boy - Der Führer vas Butch!" - Will Ferrell in The Producers


                There are more excuses for the authenticity of Herr Weitze's items than for farts in an elevator.


                  Maybe Bob Hritz can jump in on this HH set for futher infos of origin.
                  search: BMW R12 parts
                  search: everything from Fliegerhorst Illesheim
                  search: everything from Kavallerie Reg. 17 Bamberg


                    Not my area but the stamp level quality is for me just funny.
                    The whole story is funny.


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