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wool SS armband possable fake????

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    wool SS armband possable fake????

    hello everyone!
    I would love some feedback on this piece if possible. Unfortunatly I could only upload the one pic of the rzm tag, and of course that is were my main question of authenticity comes in. This does not have a size tab to the right and that is my main question, did they produce this style rzm without the size(assuming this is real to beguin with)? im new to the site and have been collecting armbands for about a year and a half, but mostly odball stuff (civilian) as I find that a bit more interesting. Anyway the opportunity to pick this up is available. What say thee?
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    not a good one ,


      Sorry not an original one. The disc and swastika are not right. Yes it is possible to find one without the size tag, and they also came with a paper RZM Tag as well.
      Tragen Sie den Ring in Ehren !


        Thanks a bunch for the feedback.
        Gotta ask, what about the swasi and disc sent correct? Disk not oval enough? Thanx


          Material and shape of the circle are flaws. The red wool material is off as well.

          Looking for armbands.


            Welcome to the forum, Fury3.

            Unfortunately, there are many problems with this armband. The red wool is a type never used on original SS armbands. Same for the white disc. The quality of the construction would not have been accepted during the Third Reich, and there are mistakes in the way it is sewn together. I also suspect the RZM tag is a reproduction.

            Also, I am unaware of original armbands having a size tab (tag?). I assume you mean a small silver gray on black BeVo tag with RZM in a circle, 2 numbers separated by a line and SS runes in a circle: ((RZM)) XX / YY (SS) If so, XX is a code for the company making the item and YY is the year it was made (36, 38, etc.).

            Hope this helps.



              Thanks for the answers guys, this kind of info helps out a bunch for my collecting adventure!!
              Much appreciated. Alan


                Originally posted by kyles bullets View Post
                Material and shape of the circle are flaws. The red wool material is off as well.
                I agree except for shape of the roundel..there are far worse out of round or oval misshapen ones that are 100 percent OG.


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