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Zeiss D.F 7x50 Questions

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    Zeiss D.F 7x50 Questions

    Greetings folks,

    This set with serial number ‘1989862’ dates to 1940, I believe. It came with several attachments to include strap with rain guard (very pliable rubber), button retainer and rubber objective lens protectors. One of the protectors has the number 24858 on the outer rim. Also, the eagle symbol is still painted over as you see in the photos.

    Questions/ assumptions:
    1. The button retainer appears to be a reproduction. Can you confirm?
    2. Are the strap and rain cover authentic? They appear to be in terms of wear/appearance, but don’t have much experience with different styles.
    3. I’ve not seen objective protectors on this model. Are they original to the set, reproduction, or possibly taken from a different set? They fit very well and appear aged similarly to the set.
    4. The painted over symbol... any thoughts as to what best to do for values sake? Leave it be, expose it (prob by Suddarth)? I figured leaving it alone is best, but curious what others have done.

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    If you can see the outline of the eagle through the black paint, I would consider cleaning it down.
    Try alcohol first. If black smudges can be seen on the tissue used for wiping, stick with the alcohol.

    BUT, if it looks like the surface of the plate curves down where the eagle should be, chance is, it may have been grinded down before the repaint. In that case you might consider leaving it as it is.
    (To my eye, it looks as if it IS indeed grinded down. But hard to say from a plate-face on photo)


      Thanks, Mike. It has indeed been ground down.

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