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    £7 K is a high price, to me more than I would pay, but it is up to the individual what they are content with.


      £7,000 is too high even for Fat Commander 8X60!
      Looking for Panzer stuff & Kriegsmarine binoculars


        It is a thrill to hold a pair of these massive things in your hand. I could not imagine how big they actually are. I took the plunge recently to own a set for myself. The price tag was higher than any other binoculars in my collection, but it was worth it. I only wish that more were available in the U.S. for me to even consider buying. I think they will continue to rise in value. How many sets of 6x30 Dienstglas does one collector really need???


          Marie using a set of 8x60's at Slieve League in Donegal, "Could you not have brought a heavier set", this said she prefers the GM 7x50.
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            Beautiful view. It remembers me, I have to see more of Ireland.
            Our Norwegian friend Reidar (zeissasembi) once showed a picture as he had brought a fat 8x60 up a Norwagian mountain.


              The 8x60 fat have been on a new trip yesterday. 11 kilometer walking and ending up at almost 500m over sea level . 5,5 kilometer to the top and 5,5km back again.


                Originally posted by richthofen_117 View Post
                £7,000 is too high even for Fat Commander 8X60!
                £7000 is more than i did pay for 4 8x60'ies
                8x60 fat
                8x60 slim
                8x60 BNZA include mounting
                8X60 Deckmounted left model
                Total cost was between 6900 and 7000£

                The strange thing is that the fat and slim ones do have the the highest pricetag. The BNZA and Deckmounted was at lowest price but both is the best ones.


                  We all have our stories of successes.
                  I once bought a fat 8x60 for $ 60.-

                  One objective lens was broken, but still.
                  And yes, had me rash fever, when I discovered it on top of a used old cabinet in a second hand shop. The broken lens cooled me off, only to get high again when the shopowner asked $ 60.-
                  ( I didn´t argue with him. Point is, if you counter the price asked, then seller is entitled to refuse to sell for the price originally asked, or at all. Your countering the price sweeps the table.
                  And your behaviour may just show him there is something fishy going on.)

                  I doubt this story say much about the price level on a fat 8x60 then, or now.


                    I give you right Michael. A shop owner should know his buisness. If he asks the wrong price you should not have bad conscience.

                    But life is not always that simple. If an old widow is selling the stuff from her late old man and out of ignorance asks to little money?
                    I for my part would feel like ****, taking advantige of her situation.

                    Or as it often happens: People approach you as a "binocular expert" and asks how much a binocular is worth they want to sell. Should you say what you are willing to pay or what the binocular might chatch on Ebay on a sunny day?

                    Making a good deal mostly includes that someone else is making a bad one.
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                      "Or as it often happens: People approach you as a "binocular expert" and asks how much a binocular is worth they want to sell. Should you say what you are willing to pay or what the binocular might chatch on Ebay on a sunny day?"

                      I have been there too.
                      Participating occassionally in militaria fairs as a seller, I usually tell people, what I would charge, if I was to put a similar item on my saletable.
                      Adding that I try, and intend, to sell at fairly cheap prices. (Believe it or not) From there, we may, or may not, agree on a buying price.

                      ((Early february, I was at a danish militaria fair. The prices quoted for common german steel helmets and fake Luftwaffe uniforms baffled even me. $ 1300.- for single decal army helmet, to name one I remember. For unknown reasons some sellers reported sales to be sluggish. Go figure.))

                      Occassionally, I also mention they can try ebay. I have found there is no big issue doing that. For most people not used to selling online, Ebay may as well be active on Mars. You can watch, but not really interact. (Language is one barrier here)

                      When the bino is one I like to keep, then there is an issue. I usually go from how much such a bino would sell for at a public auction. Then deduct the auction house seller fee. That is what the seller may expect to receive if it was handed into an auction house. At least, that is one fixpoint. The difference between buyers price and sellers result is often around 50%, so that gives some slack. Seller gets 100 when buyer pays 150.

                      This leaves a question open: What would I pay privately for, say, an N-marked fat 8x60? Never seen before, sooooo....
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                        I would be very interested in seeing if anyone has compiled a list of surviving Zeiss 8x60 fat ones in private collections. How many survived? What finish and color? So on and so on. Very interesting collector question. With the renewed collector desire I am sure more have showed up. I can start with mine which is #48830 in rough tan finish


                          I think there are plenty out there. Starting to gather serial numbers will be a big task. Many could easily be found on the internet.
                          Besides, the serial number ranges are known.

                          So, not wanting to be a "spoil the fun" guy, but why would it be interesting to know how many are out there?

                          An unrelated note on the polished binoculars mentioned earlier. I happened to meet a chap this week, who told me there are furniture shops in Denmark importing the polished large binoculars from the UK. So, even here, where we get taxed out of existence, (Income tax up to 73%) there are customers for polished binoculars in the $ 10.000.- range.
                          I was surprised to learn this.
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                            Actually the work is already being done. Dr Hans Seeger (and I think also Thomas Antoniades) has listed all known Fat 8x60es, including details on colour etc. Not to mention all other types of known Zeiss binoculars. But of cause there is a lot of Zeiss binoculars out there, not known to collectors.
                            If you have interest, why not contact Hans. I am sure he will give you the last stand of the count.
                            Just don't ask him how many 8x60es he has himself


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