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"II" Marked 6x30 Dienstglas Case

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    Maybe it's for both issued "Erstatz fur 6x30" and smaller "donated" (I heard there wasn't much choice in it!) civilian centre focus binoculars?

    They might have lumped them all together. But if that was the case (no pun intended) there should also have been bigger "II" marked cases for Silvarems and Deltrintems.

    Maybe there was and they just aren't so common. I like these little enigmas - and I like the case too.


      Hi," I " don't means Infantry but Mobilisation things.
      " II" is parade things ; "III" is service things and "IV" is ordinaire service things.


        I thought the II should be seen on center focus binoculars holsters bought for use, where center focus would be okay.

        The date on the holster here is from a period, where almost no funds were available. But once the center focus models came into the system, the regulations had to detail out, where, and how, they were to be used.

        This doesn´t mean they ever bought that many.

        I have never heard of donated binoculars in Germany. In England, in 1914, yes. But not in Germany. And certainly not any not freely given. Even after 1933 the germans lived in a state that respected private property. Only they no longer respected all types of citizens.


          I have never heard of donated binoculars in Germany. Even after 1933 the germans lived in a state that respected private property.

          Seeger mentions people at sports events in Germany between the wars being "persuaded" to give up their binoculars for military use.

          So I use the term "donated" loosely in the case of Germany....


            What Seeger describes are officials, like officers, or policemen, in plain cloths, looking out for stolen military binoculars after WWI, at public events like races or sport matches. Individual eye focus, and marked Dienstglas. That is stolen state property. And yes, then they were requested to give them up, and, probably, pay a fine as well.
            This was in the twenties, and did only relate to stolen military equipment in private possession.
            Seeger also shows a letter, where Zeiss confirms the earlier delivery of a specific binocular to a citizen. Most likely because his legal ownership of a military type of binocular has been questioned.

            From other sources, I have read how auxiliary police officers in Hamburg, even before 1918, began looking for personnel AWOL (aka deserters) and military items like cartridge pouches, revolvers, belts, uniforms etc etc... The chaos in Germany did not start on Nov. 11th 1918. It came sneaking up through 1917 and 1918.


              I didn't pick up on the fact that they confiscated only service glasses but I see now you're correct.

              I assumed that donated civilian binoculars found service because I've seen a few photos showing German military personnel with centre focus binoculars.

              But you reckon centre focus binoculars were officially issued? (I'm not arguing but hadn't heard this before)

              If they were issued, it still doesn't solve the "II" marked case problem as only centre focus binoculars of up to 26mm objective would fit in without a squeeze. I'd imagine there'd be centre focus 30mm objective binoculars requiring a "II" marked case too (Silvarems and Deltrintems etc).

              But then - if the "II" marked cases are so rare, we may be talking of very small numbers now long lost....


                Here's a centre focus in use;



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