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Luftwaffe Flak-Regiment 5, 1. Abteilung

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    Luftwaffe Flak-Regiment 5, 1. Abteilung

    Hi all,

    I am looking for more informations of the Flak-Regiment 5, 1. Abteilung.
    I did some Internet research. Unfortunately, the informations are only very superficial.

    The 1. Abteilung served in Norway 1940 and transfered 1941 to the Nordfront/FINLAND.

    I need more informations where exactly they fought in the Nordfront area (Name of cities/areas) and how long the 1. Abteilung stayed there.

    When did the 1. Abteilung leaved Finnland and transfered to fight in Russia ?

    Where exactly fought this unit in Russia ?

    It is possible that members of the 1. Abteilung received the East Medal for service in the Nordfront area/FINLAND ?

    Any informations are welcome !
    Thank you !

    Hope this helps




      You should have posted this in the research forum really.

      To answer your question about the Ostmedaille, yes, the unit did qualify as it was placed under Gebirgskorps Norwegen (XIX GebirgsKorps) from that start of the invasion of the Soviet Union until it's transfer out of Norway/Finland.

      Place names connected with its area of operation at that time include Kirkenes and Petsamo
      Collecting German award documents, other paperwork and photos relating to Norway and Finland.


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