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AK39 compass strap.

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    AK39 compass strap.

    Hello forum members,

    My 1st post here on this beautiful forum, and I have right away a question about this, compass itself seems okay to me, but the strap is according the seller of a B uhr, the seller cannot say whether or not it is is original and since I am also not an expert in B uhr straps, I ask for your help, my feeling say a repro (or original)

    Thank you.

    Post-war strap IMO..
    If this was a good strap a dealer wouldn't sell the compass for that price to start with ..

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      The compass is original but the strap is a repro IMO .


        Today my first AK39 compass arrived. Despite the fact that the strap is not original but a large B Uhr band, I had contacted the seller about this, the seller gave me a discount on the compass and the seller was also happy that I had reported this.

        I think the compass is an early 1st model compass (without diagonal line?) I only see the diagaonal center line only with Kadlec compasses with a higher serial number ..? please correct me if i am wrong.

        The compass itself works very well and accurately, also the bubble neatly aligned with the red center circle.

        Enjoy the pictures.

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          Sorry for a "late" comment on that interesting topic, but, if you look on the picture here below, you'll see that the strap on this compass is not a B-Uhr one (sewing, loop, etc.). However, it has a B-Uhr 'look like' like (in terms of design, principle, even kind of rivets (not sure regarding the diameter).
          Well, no justified answer from my side about the fact it's an original war variation or a post war modification.

          Just for comparison:

          Best regards


            Belle série Bruno.


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