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88mm Kwk 36 he round

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    88mm Kwk 36 he round

    This is one of my favorite items I’ve collected. It’s an 88 mm kWk 36 round for a Tiger 1. The parts are not all from the same years but represent an electrically primes he round for a Tiger 1. The paint is original. It is next to a 75 mm drill round for a US howitzer.
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    Nice round but........... my opinion is that the cartridge case looks like one of the German Flak 88 cases that was sold off by the Finnish army some years ago, there is quite alot of them on the market and all came from the Finnish army with the C/12 primer missing.
    C/22primer was added later.

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      Very nice. Thanks for showing it.
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        Nice round, and indeed as what is mentioned, the casing is re-used, you may even see the reload "dots" on the back.

        Sure the green colour is not postwar? I always thought these were also Finnish.

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          I am not an expert on much, but had 2 knowledgeable collectors of ordanace look this over and both felt that the paint on the round and shell casing were WW 2 period original.
          The casing was reloaded as indicated by the punch mark in the base, the Germans did reload these shells so not an issue. I know it’s a put together round made of different year components, but from what I am told, there all WW 2 period finishes.


            Mauser202 -
            " and both felt that the paint on the round and shell casing were WW 2 period original."

            ....... and where are at least the remnants of the cartridge inscriptions ???


              On the shell yes, their is a III marking, on the case no. I just looked. Maybe the case was finish used after all. Thanks for politely pointing that out. Maybe I misunderstood both collectors and it was just the round ( projectile ) that has the original paint. I was pretty stoked at the time I got it. Growing up I heard a lot of stories about the dreaded “88” from my dad a 6th armored vet. Sometimes I think every big German tank or field gun your average GI came across was thought to be a Tiger or an 88.


                Even on the projectile much inscription is missing..................

                For example :


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