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    Ben, was the barrel used with the Flak 30 interchangable with the one for the Flak 38?


      Craig, I have seen pictures with Flak 38 barrels being used in Flak 30s, but never seen any shots of flak 30 barrels used in Flak 38s. The Flak 38 barrel has only a flash hider. The Flak 30 barrel has some type of combination flash hider and muzzle booster. I believe the Flak 30s were issued with two muzzle boosters. One to be used for breaking in the gun and one for normal use from there on. Based on the above pics I would assume the mounting method is the same for both barrels.


        Interesting info - thanks Ben


          Man, I'd love to have that sight for the Vierling we're building!


            Interchangeable barrels

            It seems highly unlikely that the Flak 30 and 38 barrels were interchangeable. There certainly doesn't appear to be any mention of this in either Platzpatronengerat manual, and as you can see below both chambers are considerably different which also eliminates the possibility of using a combination to make them fit.

            Flak 30 Einsatzstuck

            Flak 38 Einstazstuck



              do you have any of the manuals for the flak 38? Im still missing 3 of them for my flak a good copy would be great.



                Flak 38 Manuals

                Hi Dan,
                I've managed to pick up 4 of the 2cm Flak 38 manuals

                2 cm Flak 38 - Platzpatronengerat
                2 cm Flak 38 - Schutzschild
                2 cm Flak 38 - Waffe
                2 cm Flak 38 - Justieranleitung

                I would love to fill the gaps as well and was hoping to have access to the others, particularly the Lafette and Anhanger issues.
                I'm sure I've spoken to you through email about this on a couple of occasions previously???
                Feel free to email me if you want too discuss it any further.

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                  I have copies of the Lafette and sonderanhanger maunuals. They are only a few pages each. I would be glad to copy them and send them out if you want to give me your addresses. I would like copies of the the manuals listed above which I do not have. My FLAK came with the original barrel log books which I could copy as well.
                  Ben LeFever


                    Hi Ben,
                    You must be referring to a supplement or something with regards to the lafette manual? I know the Lafette manuals I have for both the Flak 30 and 37mm Flak 36 are both relatively thick. Would love to see any supplements that went into the 2cm Flak 38 Lafette manual if anyone has them. Never seen manual photos of the later model housings.
                    Email sent.


                      here is a list of the manuals for the flak 38, the manual numbers Im using are the luft I also have the numbers for heer and kreg if you need them. these are just the main manuals there are others for the flak 38 like home guard, flakverling and bat set up.

                      L.Dv. 400/1d Ausbildungsvorschrift für die Flakartillerie

                      L.Dv. 665/1 Waffe
                      L.Dv. 665/2 Lafette
                      L.Dv. 665/3 Rücklaufeinrichtung
                      L.Dv. 665/4 Schutzschild
                      L.Dv. 665/5 Justieranleitung

                      L.Dv. 666 Platzpatronengerät

                      depending on the trailer you have
                      L.Dv. 610 Sonderanhänger 51
                      L.Dv. 611 Sonderanhänger 52

                      L.Dv.T. 1401 Flakvisier this one I have

                      I dont have the number for the late war sight.

                      Im willing to share any info and manuals I have on the flak 38, I woulds like to get copies of these if anyone has them.



                        Hi Dan,
                        Which of those do you actually have? Are they originals or copies?
                        Was there a manual included with the Flakvisier you bought?
                        The only trailer manual I have is actually just an addendum for L.Dv. 440/1 'Zubehor- und Munitionskasten der 2cm Flak 30 auf Gelbstfahrlafette (sd.Kfz. 10/4) which was included, separate, in the front of L.Dv. 440/1 '2cm Flak 30 - Waffe'.
                        I would still like to try and make quality copies of these manuals available in one volume for anyone who might be interested, along with detail photos of early and late model mounts. As I've mentioned to Dan in the past, it's just all dependent on being able to include 'all' of them. Certainly not a money making exercise, I'm just interested in trying to make a nice collection of source information available and accessible. Something I wish I had've had from the outset. Would've saved me alot of money and hassle, considering i really have little interest in the manuals as collector's items.
                        I'm interested in hearing from anyone who would be interested in contributing.


                          Resource Group

                          The interest in source information is certainly difficult to gauge.
                          As an option, I've created a group for those who might be looking to fill in any missing pieces. I don't have all the answers by any means, but hopefully with time it might be possible to establish a collective that would prove beneficial to everyone who contributes.





                            i am looking for such an schwebekreisvisier 38 or an Visierkopf 38/40 for my Flakprojekt.
                            Who can help me and offer me such an item for sale?
                            Thanks for any offer or help which will bring an Demag 1tonner complete with its 2cm FLak38 into the collection and ready to show....


                              I have some parts of it.

                              Originally posted by Eddy.S View Post

                              i am looking for such an schwebekreisvisier 38 or an Visierkopf 38/40 for my Flakprojekt.
                              Who can help me and offer me such an item for sale?
                              Thanks for any offer or help which will bring an Demag 1tonner complete with its 2cm FLak38 into the collection and ready to show....

                              Hello Eddy!

                              I dont have the full visier but i have 2 parts of it. Here are the photos.
                              Its the rangefinder(?) part of the visier for 2cm Flack.



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