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Kriegsmarine U-Boat Kleintauchgerät with diving suit

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  • collani
    started a topic Kriegsmarine U-Boat Kleintauchgerät with diving suit

    Kriegsmarine U-Boat Kleintauchgerät with diving suit

    Today I want to show you two of the highlights of my Kriegsmarine collection, a very rare Dräger-Kleintauchgerät with diving suit,
    in German: "Kleintauchgerät mit leichtem Taucheranzug".
    The script Kleintauchgerät on front face of the vest is just hard to see.

    The Kleintauchgerät shares the same size vest as the U-boat tauchretter, but with larger cans and bottles.

    It was used (with or without the diving suit) on german U-boats for repairs outside the boat and for U-boat school training.

    Every Type VII C submarine was 1939 equipped with:
    - 2 Tauchergeräte = Kleintauchgeräte
    - 1 Taucheranzug (diving suit)
    - 1 Satz Gewichts-/Bleiketten (set weight/lead chains)
    - 1 Paar Eisensandalen (pair of iron sandals)
    - 59 Tauchretter
    - 40 Schwimmwesten (life jackets)

    Has anyone ever seen a second U-boat diving suit in a collection or in a museum?

    I would be very happy to see more photos of these rare diving suits or Kleintauchgeräte.

    Regards, collani
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