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Kriegsmarine Affenjacke, new find for review

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    Kriegsmarine Affenjacke, new find for review

    Last edited by U-Boot Kapitan; 08-19-2019, 04:38 PM.

    Uncommon tresse on the sleeves, officer's tresse, not the regular flat material for these. Never seen that before. Could be wartime upgrade but I doubt it.
    The rest of the insignia looks nice but I don't like the sewing of the eagle. The rest I cannot see on these images, but I have my reservations..


      The jacke is dated 1935 and features the maat’s red embroidered details in the back. N 100 T, 35.
      It is stamped with the BAW issue stamp for Wilmhelmshaven.
      All buttons are Assman. The connecting buttons with chain are Friedrich Linden Ludenschied and dated 1936.
      All is immaculate, with no mothing present at all.
      The cuff tresse looks to be professionally tailored in.
      Looks to have had very little wear and has been somewhere safe and out of harms way for many, many decades.
      All insignia look to be the only pieces that have ever been on there. No ghosts or outlines of any previous insignia.
      Stitching on the sleeve insignia is hand done and very neat.

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        Re the officer style cuff tresse:
        Virtual Grenadier has sold a jacke with exactly the same tresse on recently.
        Interestingly, the jacke had the same BAW stamp with the exact same date of 4.6.35.


          Mate, there's several things I could put forward to argue the point but the reality is that I can't be bothered. I offered my opinion and that's it.
          I still believe it's a Christmas tree but if you're happy with it, that's all that matters. Enjoy.


            Thanks for your PM my friend.

            "You are an absolute clown and one of the bad things about this hobby.
            Have you looked at the HBB marked overseas cap thread yet?... You want to keep your opinions to yourself Mate."

            I got nothing more to say..


              I do have one too with officer tresse and I do not think for one moment that it is original period applied.
              Humped up post war with commonly available material.

              Imho Martin is right.



                Martin Simon... You are one of the reasons a lot of good, long standing collectors will not use this forum!



                  I'm sorry, but IMO the tresses and trade patches has been added sometimes after the war to raise the value and to make it more attractive and easier to sell.

                  The tresses is totally wrong and it would never been allowed by the kriegsmarine or wehrmacht to use considering the strict rules and regulations. There is also the badge of staff personnel sewn on the jacket so this person would be around fleet and headquarters commanders a lot and that is making it even more unlikely that the tresses was used during the war. The fleet and headquarters commanders would never allow it. Remember that the uniform is representing the country.

                  In September 1939 is was prohibited to use the parade dress for the rest of the war exept when ordered otherwise. The ships diver patch was not in use before sometimes after 1940. Of course the soldier that had this jacket could have been ordered to use it after 1939 and that is why there is a 1940 patch on it, but when it comes to this jacket I don't think so hence the tresses.

                  I'm not a fan of the placement of the eagle as the center eagle should have been aligned with the row of buttons. Now it is to far to the left.

                  Kriegsmarine and kĂ¼stenartillerie


                    Originally posted by U-Boot Kapitan View Post
                    Martin Simon... You are one of the reasons a lot of good, long standing collectors will not use this forum!
                    Seriously, why do you come here asking for reviews and then get offended when I spent my valuable time trying to answer your questions??

                    I understand that you may be disappointed with what you have spent your money on (although it is still a good base tunic) but why take it out on me, sending me insulting PM's etc. and posts like the above when I was only trying to respond to your request for reviews?

                    Anyway, I don't come to the forum to argue with fellow collectors, so let's just forget what's been and move on OK?



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