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    Is the perp still alive ? that is the question . If he's so good at doing decals did he do camo's as well ? Rob
    God please take justin bieber and gave us dio back


      Originally posted by ROBB View Post
      Is the perp still alive ? that is the question . If he's so good at doing decals did he do camo's as well ? Rob
      Although very tempting to name suspects and start a lynching for these frauds which, because of the amount of money defrauded rise to many serious felonies under the US criminal system, I would personally advise every member of this Frourm to refrain from making any specific allegations or accusations against any person. Even if such person is guilty of the offenses, such person may bring defamation / libel suits against his/her accusers and it will be difficult, if not impossible, to prove that such person was the actual "artist" who manufactured these fantasy helmets. All he/she needs to allege if shown that such person was in the actual chain of custody of such helmets is that he/she was also a "victim" of the fraud. So in order to avoid further potential ugliness and avoid additional victims, there should be no mention of who the potential culprit or culprits are in this gran heist.

      Anyway, I found this thread that I had posted back in 2011 which explained my observations on the subject of champagne runes. I think it is an interesting read in light of recent developments:


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        Well done Doug and ZAM , reading that thread does make one cringe. A lot of folk are going to lose out with this new info . Amazing when you look back on the overspray , it really stands out like dogs nasties to anyone who is familiar with air brushing ! Bill


          Terrific work Doug, and very much needed.


            Bravo, Doug!


              Yes Walter good point. Gentlemen for my part it was to simply prove from a technical aspect that these either were real, or were not. Who made them is of little consequence. They haven't been made for some time. We have a photographic record of most if not all of them now thanks to GHW and WAF. We now know exactly and precisely what to look for. Case closed.

              Rob it's my understanding that the faker stuck to decal forgeries and not camos. He has made a Pocher but it is easily spotted.


                So now it is called Golden toned.


                  Originally posted by Raymond270 View Post
                  So now it is called Golden toned.
                  It's not toned anything. It's all paint.


                    I know I am just going off what I saw from a couple of days ago a helmet with a champagne decal to be called golden toned today on a well known website
                    for helmets I am on your side I collect SS items but not helmets and I usually run them thru forums check photos on the internet and look in my books and still
                    it can be very hard the blacklight test is inconclusive.
                    As far as guarantees go you have to be sure there are no disclaimers such as (To The Best Of My Knowledge) which is used by experts also in their books.
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                        At least it all will come to an good end!

                        It was not only some posts in the thread, i got some very bad pm`s back then, from the helmet seller and a few "collectors", who i am that i would wrote such things...

                        I forgot the thread in the meantime, thanks for the PM`s FrenchVolunteer and RoyA

                        Best regards


                          Doug, just out of curiosity about the learning process for you. You disagreed with Walter and Dirk in both of those earlier threads that were posted. Was your eventual change of opinion based on a slow accumulation of evidence and a reshaping of your ideas? Or did it come more suddenly like a light bulb going off?

                          I'm fascinated by this watershed moment. You are the Charles Darwin of German helmet collecting.



                            Excellent work and outcome Doug.
                            Lot of egg on a lot of faces.


                              Doug is the CSI of helmet investigations!

                              He used sounds scientific methods to prove / disprove a theory. Had it not been for the internet and collector forums this would had never came to light. No doubt one of the biggest cases of grand larceny regarding a 25 year scam. Who wants to bet all decals were fabricated from 1 person? Its only a matter of time as the name will come out!?

                              Interesting many old guard still have a hard time embracing the "dot.com sites". As we can clearly see it has educated many of the collectors. It also allows us to track items, once posted its a living document and owner history. If any "tinkering" takes place it will be noticed.

                              Great job Doug! You clearly didn't obtain a massive collection by a passive person! Bravo

                              Education is our greatest defense!


                                Great work Doug!


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