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    Originally posted by Luis22 View Post
    I believe its the real deal no way you can fake that type of rust in a freshly applied decal..
    I would agree and better photos would certainly help.


      Originally posted by Ironcrown View Post
      I agree with Peiper. In my opinion it can ba a good one. The problem are the pics! It happened the same to me with some of my helmets, bought from a russian dealer (the good fellow Spin Asafov, RIP). When I posted them on a forum, I got many negative feedbacks as the pics were probably not that good. Then, I took the same helmets to a militaria fair here in Italy, and the same guys that had said they were fake after a direct examination admited their fault and changed their mind!
      I don't agree about the price instead. The auction has closed at 225€, a very cheap price for an original DD helmet, even if in relic condition. You could buy one at this price from s russian site probably 10 years ago. now prices are much higher
      Yes 100% agree with your opinion


        Thank you guys!
        I'm studing ss helmet, all opinions for me are very important. In future I would like purchase one.
        Thanks for your reply!


          Still junk IMO despite all the oh yeah boys...:


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