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Spanish Blue Division medal, good?

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    Spanish Blue Division medal, good?

    Gents, I never had one of these in my hands before, is it a good one or not?
    And if yes, what would be a fair price?
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    Does the ring have a one stamped into it?

    Kind regards Chay
    Interested in collecting historical objects in a gentlemanly fashion
    100% Christian :)))
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      Just checked, I can´t find any markings on the ring. So what´s that mean then?


        These were made by Deschler and were marked "1". Still, many were left unmarked, so the presence or absence of marking doesn't say much by itself IMO (in addition, many repros are marked "1" as well).

        The graphics look OK to me. Deschler medals were made of zinc and received a gold wash. Once the wash wears out, the dark grey color of zinc is revealed underneath. Repros are usually made of an alloy that includes copper or brass and are more yellowish as a result. Your badge seems to be made of zinc. I don't see any seam where the obverse and reverse meet, which is also good.

        All in all, I like it, but wait for someone more knowledgeable to chime in.



          The detail is good, but has a strange glow. these medals were made both by Deschler (marked #1), and also made by Steinhauer & Lück, from Lüdenscheid (no markings) .Beware of these medals, as there are very similar counterfeits and a very light alloy.

          Everything related to the Spanish Squadron in the Luftwaffe.


            Sorry but the medal is not an original in my opinion. Also the ribbon is not the original German issue one ... the yellow stripe is too pale, it should be a rich golden yellow.



              these were also made in spain as replacements......dont know much about medals so you need to analize both spanish made, german made and known fakes to arrive to the right conclussion......

              maybe somebody else can go into details of each.......


                agreed spanish made.
                "six italians, dressed in rather unusual diving suits and equipped with materials of laughably little cost have swung the military balance of power in the Mediterranean in favour of the Axis".


                  I respect all opinions but if l had to bet, and only watching this pics, l'd say that it's a good one. The ribbon is not the right german pre 1945. The medal isn't a made in Spain one for veterans. Thats for sure. I think that this strange glow may be from a hard polish work, or maybe that somebody regilded the item decades ago. This regilding can help to preserve finely the details.
                  Obviously... The absence of the MM in the ring says nothing
                  If you look carefully you can see traces of zink pest in some points and there aren't copies made in zink of these medals in the market... At the moment.
                  I havent in my galery of fakes of this medal, and l have a lot.
                  Anycase l'm jugding only the pics. Close examination of the item is needed to be sure.
                  On the other hand now a days we know that nobody but Deschler made this medals before 1945. Other thesis were wrong and superseded.
                  About the price. Non MM originals maybe 180€, but the lack of the original ribbon depreciates in no less than 30 € the medal.
                  Best regards from Spain
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