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Spanish blue divisision dog tag

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    Spanish blue divisision dog tag

    Dear All,

    I want to share with you a dog tag that belongs to the Spanish Blue Division -Veterinar Kompanie.
    It belongs from a friend of mine. It was purchased several years ago from a Russian guy.
    Can you estimate the real value today for this dog tag?

    Any chance of to know the name of the soldier?

    Thank you

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    since nobody has comented on this tag let me say this.....Blue div tags were somewhat of a rarity pre 2020 very few vet bring backs, very few groudn dug.......they comanded high prices......

    then i was told a very good friend of mine in Russia than an original tag had been replicated to perfection......(will not comment details here) after that it was just a matter of time and a boom of first model blue div id tags happened.......and we started seeing them pop out like crazy.......

    Therfore there is a lot of speculation and misstrust on these items........a photo of the rear part is needed, but so far this one looks ok.......

    by number it belonged to Sgto Abel Bello Bello which managed to returne home......so maybe he just lost his tag on the battle field......

    Spaniards didnt like wearing the tag against their chest on cold weather and many used them around their wrist, legionair style.....that is why some of them were just simply lost.....

    also impossible to really tell if this tag was used by Sargent Bello, since since sometimes if a man was transferred to another outfit maybe tag was changed.....i have seen it with a vet tag.....his tag number and name do not match the lists.......his own tag appears to a diferent man....

    so much time has passed an records are incomplete......

    hope this info helps.....

    Always interested in WWII German Combat Helmets and Spanish Volunteers


      Hi Spanish Freiwillige,

      Thank you for your answer.
      In my opinion the dog tag is really nice and original.
      Please find some more close ups of the Dog tag and also of a tin shield that was found together with the tag.
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