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    GJ italy

    Good evening has everything, I plan to make a model GJ of the style on the Italian forehead in April, 1945, I already possess a jacket of fatigues dress model 43 and I would want to know if a tropical pants can suit?

    If you have photos of GJ in Italy in 1944/1945 interests his me

    Thank you for your notices friendly Anthony

    I think both, a tropical or a normel M43 pair of trousers are possible.


      I do not have a good collection of photos from that time and theater, but I will say that the German forces in Italy were always an interesting sight, and this certainly got more interesting has you approach 1945.

      For example, there is a famous photo of GJ officer POW's wearing Luftwaffe tropical trousers and blouses.

      I look forward to other responses that will hopefully have these types of photos for us to view.



        They pretty much wore everything in combinations. I personally think the LW tropical pants look very nice and they wanted them for wear.
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          Good evening, thank you for your notices, I have to find this photo, what is the model of pants which the GJ carries has right with the pocket on the front as well as the second by leaving of the left?
          Thank you friendly Anthony


            That is the photo I was thinking of. As you can see, the uniform choices are all over the place. The three GJ officers in the middle-front are wearing Luftwaffe blouses. The one to the left looks like he's wearing Luftwaffe trousers (the thigh pocket is either missing or hidden). The one in the middle looks to be wearing Berghose or standard issue (M43) Feldhose. The one on the right is wearing some other type of trousers that I don't recognize.


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