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Infantry Lehr in Italy 43-45

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    I am now researching the official histories of the 2NZEF.

    This gets interesting because on 1 June 1944, the New Zealanders encounter 3/ "Brandenburg Regiment" who ultimately have been assigned a mission involving explosives as part of a rear-guard action.

    The "Brandenburg Division" also had a Lehr Regiment. On 5 March 1944, all existing elements of the "training regiment" were to provide soldiers for an "alert regiment"

    Interesting possibility or is there no way that the Brandenburg Lehr would wear "L" on their shoulder boards ??? ,


    Division Brandenburg – February 1943 - March 1944

    Division staff
    Jäger Regiment - 1 Brandenburg
    Jäger Regiment - 2 Brandenburg
    Jäger Regiment - 3 Brandenburg
    Jäger Regiment - 4 Brandenburg
    Tropische Einheiten Brandenburg
    Coastal Raiders Battalion Brandenburg (German: Meeres- und Küstenjägerabteilung)
    Parachute Battalion Brandenburg (German: Fallschirmjäger)
    Signal Company Brandenburg (German: Fernmelder)
    Independent Companies -
    15.Parachute Company (German: Sonder-Fallschirmjägerabteilung)
    Auxiliary Units -
    Lehrregiment Brandenburg z.b.v Nr.800 (Training Regiment)
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      Just clarifying in response to an email.

      What post number 16 is outlining, a second "Lehr" regiment which could wear white piping on their shoulder boards was in fighting in Italy at the start of June 1944

      This was "Lehr Regiment Brandenburg z.b.v Nr.800 (Training Regiment)" which on 5 March 1944 became "Alert Regiment Brandenburg" and was transferred to Italy some time between March and the start of June 1944.

      The question that I am asking;

      Did Lehr Regiment Brandenburg z.b.v Nr.800 (Training Regiment) also wear the "Lehr" type "L" on their white piped boards ???



        Infanterie Lehr

        A really great thread no only for the militaria; but, for some of the posters knowledge of history. Regarding, OSS' posts about the battle of Anzio, I remember as a youth waiting anxiously each week for the series, "The World at War" to come on. I watched with rapt attention as Sir Laurence Olivier narrated. The episode on Italy was called "Tough Old Gut" and I still remember them talking about a German attack and Anzio with the Germans reverted to WWI tactics and trying to walk across No Man's Land.

        For me it is not just the objects that we collect; but, the history they represent!
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