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    Question on Field Equipment

    A few days ago I encountered what appeared to be a WH "Tent-pole bag" (please see "Uniforms & Traditions of the German Army, Volume 3, page 111)

    It was very similar to the one illustrated at the very top of the page, however, in camouflage material...the so-called "splinter" type.

    My main question applies to some markings under the flap portion. There was an ink stamping at the same position as the one shown in the book, however, below this was another stamping which appeared to me to be something along the lines of a Swiss acceptance stamp? It was a shield-shaped insignia with a Swiss-type cross (Greek Cross) in the centre.

    The first stamp appeared to be lettering but was faded and indeciperable, the shield shaped one somewhat clearer.

    Were these (and other pieces of kit) obtained by the Swiss, either post war or on contract during or even before the war? I do know that the Swiss army obtained some vehicles and that kind of thing but I had never previously encountered German kit with Swiss markings. Any help is appreciated!

    Also...are these things worth anything? I didn't buy it but just want to know if maybe I should!



    Adam, these are often found with Swiss shelter quarter sets. The poles and pegs within the bag are not the same as German issue. The Swiss made their own splinter pattern during the war and also bought splinter material from the Germans. So, the material very well could be German. But, unlikely German issue. Swiss issue. These weren't very expensive not long ago. Could usually get for about $5 a set. But, they are starting to disappear and the prices are rising a bit.


      Hi Jack,

      Thanks for the help on that one. I thought that there would be an explanation along those lines, and knew this was the place to ask! I will go and have another look at the thing if it's still there and have a closer look at the camo....any advice for determining if the material is of German or Swiss origin? Differences in the camo pattern etc?

      What's with the Swiss anyhow? Anytime I go to a show, militaria or army surplus store half the field kit and uniform stock seems to be of Swiss origin! Maybe Claudio or other Swiss collectors can enlighten us

      Thanks again for your help!



        Hello Adam,
        one of the quickest ways to identify the Swiss version of "Splinter" camouflage is to look at the large, green angular patches in the pattern. The Swiss version has a unique characteristic. The green segments are connected to each other by a thin green vertical line, which is not a feature of the German original. As far as i can recall the Swiss had two items issued in their version of the "Splinter" pattern camouflage, a rectangular tent section/poncho called the "Zelteinheiten 1901", and a reversible helmet cover which had the Swiss version of "Splinter" pattern on one side,and their version of the "Tan and water" pattern on the other.This was finally discontinued in 1955 when the Swiss...borrowed ...another German camouflage pattern the "Liebermuster".

        Hope this helps,


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