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    Not an authentic specimen IMO, construction details are not consistent with period originals.


      Thanks for your opinion. Can you share foto of original flag for comparing?



        Most people will insist that the SS runes be screen printed, not sewn on like your example. I personally do not know if all SS lager flags were screen printed or not, so I cannot make a determination on the authenticity.

        If you search the flag forum for SS lager flags look for posts from OFW (old flags wanted). His name was Ben Weed. Ben recently passed away but he posted lots of useful information on all flags, including SS lager flags.

        Have you done a burn test on a thread?


          Bdrum, thanks for your message.
          How to do this ”burn test” to this thred?


            Pull a thread loose from the flag. Light it and see if it turns to ash or melts like plastic. This will determine there materials used in the flag construction and thus help identify the approximate age. It's not 100% foolproof, but if it is made of modern materials that will immediately rule it out as being WWII era vintage.

            Another method is to look at flag under blacklight. If the runes "glow" it's likely modern due to the dyes used. Again however, it's not 100% foolproof as an older flag that has been machine washed will also glow.

            I'm sorry none of these can help you find the answer as to if it's real. But they can rule it out.


              Let me add. Based on the construction and the header being torn I would stay away from it as a collector personally. Hope this helps.



                an important point to be added on the silk screened flags.
                Actually from the creation of the SS to the middle of the war, dozen of variations of SS flags/banners were officially made, all originals but with many caracteristics that we can't check from period pictures or documents. Also many of those flags were locally made for SS-Standarten or Germanische SS.
                Starting from the middle of the war, the silk screened flag models appeared, with the goal to replace all the previous models.
                The main differences were the durability of this type of flags, and more importantly the fact that the SS runes were more easily seen from far away (more space between the two runes).
                But be careful, fake silk screened flags also exist, as it was confirmed by some members.
                It is very hard to confirm if a non-silk screened flag is original or not.

                The late Ben (OFW) provided many infos on the thousand of posts he made on the WAF, i worked with him on fake SS flags and the original silk screened models, but i didn't have the time to really go deeper on the SS flags unfortunately.
                I may see in the future if i may have the courage to work on this subject which is not an easy one.

                See You



                  Thanks so much Vince,
                  Excellent info for me of the subject.


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