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Beretta “Model 1” folding-stocked 38a Paratrooper Varient

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    Beretta “Model 1” folding-stocked 38a Paratrooper Varient

    Gents, I am looking for information on the WWII production folding-stocked version of the beretta 38a smg which is often referred to as the “Model 1” in collector discussion. Any and all data and credible hearsay would be helpful. Ideally I would love to see any original documents discussing the weapon, period photos or photos of surviving examples or parts of examples. Information seems to be very sparse and contradictory on these. I am really just looking for anything deeper than “they existed”. I recently acquired a parts kit from a US veteran bringback of one of these rare birds. It was originally a dewat with the barrel welded at the chamber in typical 1945/46 fashion... it was further disgraced more recently by torch cutting the receiver courtesy of Uncle Sam’s boys. Interestingly the nomenclature is engraved as “Beretta - M38/43” and not “Model 1”. The “model 1” designation never made sense to me relative to other beretta wartime smg variants of the 38a. My current thinking is that perhaps this “model 1” term was introduced post-war to differentiate it from the postwar “model 2” folding-stocked 38a experiment? When work allows I hope to add some photos to this thread if there’s interest to justify the effort. I would greatly appreciate any comments and contributions!
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    I have owned quite a few Beretta SMG's over years but have never seen or heard of a folding stock version. I would love to see pictures of yours when you get a chance.


      There is difference between mlitary nomenclature and Beretta's internal nomenclature: "Modello 1" was the Beretta's name for the military 38/43 folding stock model. Stock was similar to the German MP38/40 one.
      Then came on 1951 the "Modello 2", similar but with the receiver of the model 38/49.
      On 1955 came the "Modello 3", all metallic, with a stock like the one of the US M3 smg and grip safety.
      Last model is the "Modello 4", with a folding bayonet on 1965.
      All these guns were produced on very few units.


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