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byf 41 p08 luger

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    Originally posted by tharpo View Post
    I believe the serial number on both the gun and magazine matches with 8150. Here is a 41 byf Sn 7138w with both a 7 and a 1 in the serial number. The 1 on this gun matches the 1 on the front of the frame on the OP's gun. Fonts can be tricky on Lugers. The same number may look different depending on where it is stamped. I wish I could post the photo directly and not have to go through photobucket.
    I think that you are right. The second digit in the receiver number is the crazy one that looks like a 7 but I now think that it just an illusion of the photo angle.

    Nice gun and one you will see priced and selling all day long for high 2’s for the set


      Originally posted by Stickfigure21 View Post
      It looks like the pistol is marked 8750 and the mag is 8150. A mistake by the stamper perhaps? Lol

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      The frame stamp looks like 8150 as well, certainly not a 'matching' Luger.....

      Just because you are paranoid, it does not mean they are not out to get you............


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