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Late war K98k sling ?

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    Late war K98k sling ?

    I’m going through over 20 K98k slings and found a example that is pictured in a book that I don’t own, “Kriegsmodell”. The sling in question is on the left side page pictured that I found on the internet, if anyone owns this book would you mind telling me what this page says about this sling.
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    There are two slings mentioned on that page....The top is a 'cey45' marked sling....The bottom is a 'jwa4' marked one....Bodes



      Thank you for the help, my example is the one with rivets only... I'm trying to find marking's as I type. I just found the stamp, its very faint and I had to use a loop to see.


        Originally posted by R_Hessian View Post
        Thank you for the help, my example is the one with rivets only... I'm trying to find marking's as I type.

        To the right of the top photo, it reads as follows:

        Left and below, front and back view of buckle end
        of riveted sling marked 'cey45'. From collector
        observations, 'cey 4' and 'cey 45' marked slings
        seem to be the only type that use this riveted con-
        struction at the buckle end. Both sling and leather
        loop can be riveted. These 'cey' slings also lack the
        small leather pad on the back of the buckle, and
        'cey' slings also lack the common cross hatch pat-
        tern that was part of the original drawings.

        To the left of the second photo, it reads:

        Of interest is the location of the 'cey' factory, Wien,
        Austria. This places this manufacturer 169 km from
        Steyr-Daimler-Puch, and many late 1944 and 1945
        dated K98 rifles seem to be equipped with this
        sling. It may have more to do with the fact that
        GI's collecting souvenirs were quick to put slings
        and rifles together from local sources than any co-
        operation between the two firms.

        Note: 'cey' code for Karl Budischovsky, Vienna

        Hope this helps.....Bodes



          Thank you, Mmm this is very interesting my riveted example is with the cross hatch pattern.




              Originally posted by bodes View Post

              Late war variation’s are not uncommon, other cey 45 production items I have reflect that as well as other manufactures of that period. It’s these oddball items such as this or late war P.35’s from Steyr that I enjoy.



                Here is a pic of the sling.
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