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Walther PP w/ RFV markings

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    Here is my contribution to the thread my Walther PP examples are with one marked on the front strap and rear of the pistol, I think the one marked on the rear of the pistol is a fairly early PP.
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      Walther PP RFV serial nr

      i have Walter PP RFV, it is normal that there is no serial number but just a RFV number and what is it ?


        Originally posted by ErichS View Post
        Like in a holster.
        Bingo. Still a decent early 90 degree safety pistol though


          Originally posted by Steven C View Post
          I guess rack number may of been a poor choice of words, and maybe inventory number may be a better choice. The W number may of been used to keep records of whom were issued the pistols.

          Also they dont seem to follow any set pattern of SN to the W number, meaning two RFV pistols 50 SN a part can have W numbers 400 apart.
          That's right. Here our example (SN904679 - R.F.V.6188W) - with very close serial number to the example from the beginning of this thread (SN904658 - R.F.V.6673W)

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            strange RFV
            PP sn 224390P has rear grip strap marking “R.F.V.21057” without the “W”. Right side slide numbered 224390P with different style numbers that match numbers on both matching mag bottoms, luft style.
            any ideas?


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