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Help re. cleaning kits

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    Help re. cleaning kits

    Hello everyone!

    I'm a new-joiner, so please forgive me if I ask obvious questions or get my names/facts wrong.

    I have 2 queries and I'd be grateful for any answers people can give:

    1) what cleaning kit did the MG34/42 have? Some say it was a larger version of the K98 kit, whereas others say that the large version was just used for the PBz39, and that MGs were just cleaned using pull-throughs etc carried by the gunner.

    2) what kind of cleaning kits did soldiers with MP40s and MP43/4s carry? Did they use what is commonly referred to as the K98 cleaning kit, or were there kits specific to those weapons?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Answer to both of your questions would be ordinary RG34 cleaning kit, carried by every soldier who was armed with firearms. Early in the war when the use of MG13 still was common some bigger size cleaning boxes was used, but not in the field.



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