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Walther PPk-RSHA/SS Procured? Value.

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    Walther PPk-RSHA/SS Procured? Value.

    I have a person with a PPk that he wants to sell me.
    The serial number is 272103k
    There are two flat bottomed magazines and a holster.
    One of the magazines is marked on the bottom, but not to this pistol.
    He wants $1500.
    I don't see it being worth that, not with the wear on the slide right side and towards the top of the slide, once again on the right-ish side.
    You would think with the caliber of the new smart phones we have now, that a person could take a decent picture and follow instructions as to what is important to see, if asked.
    Hell, even getting in focus pictures is a bitch!!

    So, my questions are:
    1. Does this serial number fall in the RSHA/SS Procurement range?
    From what I read and understand, I guess maybe not, huh??!
    2. Is this worth $1500? Am I wrong? Is $1200 fair? Still too high?
    I am not sure, so I figured I would get a second opinion.
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      Definitely not an RSHA pistol, the military proofs discount that. Bottom marked magazine could be for a Luftwaffe contract or RSHA procured pistol and adds some minor value. Holster looks nice. Given the pistol's condition I'd say $1,200 is a stretch, maybe $800-1000 would be fair?


        The grips are after- market replacement and the condition is not that great, but it is WaA. Proper grips would cost you another $250 to $300. Maybe more. It is not collectible condition. Look for a better condition one so you wont have to make excuses to show it or sell it. Definitely not RSHA. No serial on slide. Just my opinion except about whether an RSHA issue.
        Premium paid for Walther Model 8 #727649 and Walther PP #975557


          Thank you gents.
          I completely overlooked that the RSHA/SS weapons have no military acceptance proofs.
          Well, I learned something today then.!


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