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Forestry dagger/bayonet real or fake ?

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    Forestry dagger/bayonet real or fake ?

    Hi guys just saw this bayonet / dagger that seems to be from forestry third Reich era but really not sure it is original and I have some doubts so I need you opinion on this one ...
    please feel free to comment ...
    Thanks for you help

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    I've never seen a reproduction of a Luft Forestry bayonet before, probably because this model would be difficult to adequately reproduce. Originals are marked Ch.A.W. & Waffen Loesche.

    This example has an odd look to it including the stag grips but I think it's because there's signs it was heavily cleaned. Not sure why there's no maker or distributor mark.


      Don't know if it will help but here's another one without the maker mark, if that's what it is, but it does have the distributor mark.




        Offcourse faked piece, note the rough shape of tang in handle area, mostly copy of KS98 short blade, the scabbard is of belgian FN FAL bayonet. b.r.Andy


          Well discussed on another forum a while back - what cannot be proven is that they have anything to do with the Luftwaffe/Forestry. Via period regulations, documentation, catalogs, being disassembled etc. etc. all contributing zero results There was supposedly a Luftwaffe marked one somewhere that could not be produced for examination, and a “variant” markings fake where you could see how it was modified to try and conform to the accepted pattern for these knives (it was not this example). That topic since then waiting for any new information that has a provable basis for a positive identification. FP


            Please start attaching your photos to the WAF server.
            Here is the tutorial on how to do that:



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