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Deutsches Jungvolk knife - real or fantasy?

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    Again and again this subject returns. What's all about it, is said long ago!
    Follow the leader, no matter what or if!
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      haha very true Mr Saris, very true This really is my most favorite thread of all time and I just can't help returning to it. It has it all: vet-buy stories, motel-buy stories, mobbing, people running away after being caught waffling, people getting banned and infracted, unjustified clutching at straws, truth economy, people being protected, moderators shutting the wrong people up etc etc. It's great!

      One thing that went almost uncommented but which is VERY important was the comment earlier in the thread concerning the post-war order of 600 of the small knives from a Solingen factory. I found it very strange that neither the defenders of these little knives nor the detractors picked that up and ran with it. Now, some of these old boys must know more about that little nugget don't ya think?


        After going patiently over this interesting thread, I’ve decided to contribute something BEYOND RARE in such complete condition to it.
        Here is an original Bulgarian BRANNIK knife 1st type, 1941, made by Robi Klaas.
        The handle is nickel plated iron/steel compound.
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