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Numbered SS daggers.

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    Numbered SS daggers.

    Please anyone who has a numbered SS dagger please post some pics and details of the original owners and their careers, it would be interesting to see the daggers and also the research on who originally owned them, may be some high ranking officer daggers among our collections here.

    Thanks I will post my pic as soon as I can this damned camera working.

    I don't have a numbered SS but am looking forward to seeing yours and anyone elses.


      This one was originally owned by SS Standartenfuhrer Dr. Enno Lolling. He was a war criminal. I bought it in the early 1980's from a friend who's Uncle brought it home from the war. I have shown it on the forum in the past.


      SS-Standartenführer Dr. med Enno Lolling

      Born: 19.07.1888 in Köln.
      Suicide: 27.05.1945.

      NSDAP-Nr.: 4 691 483
      (Joined 1937)
      SS-Nr.: 179 765
      (Joined 1933)

      SS-Hauptsturmführer: 13.09.1936
      SS-Sturmbannführer: 20. 12. 1938
      SS-Obersturmbannführer: 1.09.1941
      SS-Standartenführer: 9.11.1943

      Joined the SS: 1933.

      Member of the Lebensborn Society.

      Joined the NSDAP: 1937.

      Lagerarzt (camp physician) at KL-Dachau: 1937 – 1941.

      Chef Amt D-III (Sanitätswesen und Lagerhygiene/ Sanitation and Camp Hygiene) / SS-Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungshauptamt, Oranienburg: 1942 – 1945.

      Decorations & Awards:
      1939 Spange zum 1914 Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse
      1914 Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse
      Kriegsverdienstkreuz I. Klasse mit Schwertern
      Kriegsverdienstkreuz II. Klasse mit Schwertern
      Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer
      Ehrendegen des RF SS
      Totenkopfring der SS

      * Religion: Protestant
      * Married with Two sons

      2. Dr Enno Lolling:
      Stabsarzt in Reichsmarine 00.00.1914 - 00.00.1918
      Arzt (civilian) in Mecklenburg 00.00.0000 - 00.00.1939
      Chef Amt D III in SS-WVHA 00.03.1942 - 08.05.1945 (end of war)

      He was morphinist, he drank very often alcohol. In first time Pohl and Glücks wanted disposed Lollimg from his Amt as Chef Amt D III .
      3. Here’s Lolling’s entry from the Rangliste der Kaiserlich Deutschen Marine dated 12 May 1914:

      Rank: Marine-Unterarzt (equivalent rank of Unteroffizier mit Portepee): 01.03.1913
      Date of Entry: 01.04.1908
      Station: Baltic Sea Naval Station
      Duty Location: Charité Berlin
      4. Some supplements to Lolling:
      Joined SS 1933, he was incompetent as a physician in special knowledges.
      Amtschef Amt D III (Sanitätswesen und Lagerhygiene) / SS-WVHA since 16.03.1942.
      He was the medical superintendent of all KZ.
      Ordered in May 1942 the killing of the captives being incaple for work. In Winter 1942 he also ordered the killing of all sick captives needing more than four weeks for recovering.
      For the experiments of Prof Karl Gebhardt with sulfonamid in the "Frauen-KZ Ravensbrück" (after the death of Heydrich, who sufferd from sepsis) beginning in summer 1942 he commanded for supporting the Standortarzt FKZ Ravensbrück, SS-Obersturmführer Gerhard Schiedlauski, and the two Lagerärzte SS-Untersturmführer Rudolf Rosenthal and Hertha Oberheuser to Gebhardt.
      Visited 29.09.1943 with Prof. Ernst Günther Schenck the department for spotted fever in Buchenwald.
      Suicided in Flensburg.
      5 1905 abitur Osten
      1905 kaiser wilhelm akademie fur das Militararztliche Ausbildungswesen
      1.3.13 Marine unterarzt
      2.8.1914 med staats examen
      nov 1914 promotion Dr Med in Kiel
      14/18 schiffsarzt then truppenarzt in Flandern
      18.8.1918 marinestabsarzt
      31.1.1919 released from army
      1919 MD in Neustrelitz Strelitz
      28.8.1933 SS 179 765
      1.5.37 Party member 4 691 483
      from 33 HJ Gefolgschaftsarzt
      1936 may training as Marinestabsarzt
      1936 june Hauptamtlicher Arzt in San abt SS VT
      1.11.37 Arzt in SS lazarett Munchen Dachau
      11.4 to 18.4.37 Rasse u Erbbiologischer Lehrgang (race and heredity biologie courses)
      1.12.39 next to Feldlazarett T Division
      6.5.40 Lagerarzt KL Dachau
      12.2.41 einarbeitung zum Leitenden Arzt der KL Oranienburg kommandiert
      1.6.41 leitender arzt zur Inspektion der KL
      3.3.42 amtschef DIII
      deeply ill between 28.4.42 and 5.7.42
      27.5.45 Suicide in Reservelazarett Flensburg
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        My other numbered and researched dagger is this SS 1933 pattern.

        This was originally owned by SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Hans Eichemeyer. Born on June 23rd 1908. His SS number was "262034". He was a pre war member of the SS. He was commisioned in 1939. He was a staff Officer with V SS Freiwilligen Gebirgs Korps serving in Bosnia.

        Cheers, Ade.
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          Neatly engraved SS number.

          I have yet to obtain his full service file, but I will be doing that. (Now done!)

          These are my only named daggers, so I look forwards to seeing more added here.

          Cheers, Ade.

          Update: See this thread:

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            This could be a great thread! Ade, you got some really cool stuff. Unfortunately my only identified item is an SS Honor Ring so I don't have anything to contribute but I'm looking forward to see what shows up.
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              I have one for sale on the E-stand right now http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/foru...d.php?t=187958. The number on the scabbard is attributed to a Fritz Michiels, listed in the 1938 Dienstaltersliste. Don't know anything beyond that right now...

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              "Frogs and locusts? Wouldn't that just be a plague of fat frogs?"


                Back to the top, I don't want to see this thread die...

                Adrian... the background on your dagger is fantastic and that's to say the least.


                  Found the pic and some info on the owner of my dagger.

                  If anyone has a copy of the Dienstalterliste containing a listing of these awards he won could they please forward me a copy of it as I have lost my copy, I would be most grateful.
                  Officer, Grun SS no.4496.

                  Grün, Rudolf<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o></o>

                  Born: 23.12.1888.<o></o>
                  NSDAP-Nr.: 289 551 (Joined ca. 1930)<o></o>
                  SS-Nr.: 4 496 (Joined ca. 1930)<o></o>

                  20.04.1934 SS-Sturmführer
                  20.04.1935 SS-Obersturmführer
                  13.09.1936 SS-Hauptsturmführer
                  30.01.1938 SS-Sturmbannführer
                  09.11.1940 SS-Obersturmbannführer


                  [01.10.1934] – [01.10.1934] Assigned to SS-Standarte 10 “Pfalz”.<o></o>
                  [01.12.1938] Führer of Reservesturmbann / 10.SS- Standarte“Pfalz” (possibly still holding this post as of 01.10.1944).
                  Decorations & Awards:<o></o>
                  00.00.191_ 1914 <?xml:namespace prefix = st2 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st2lace w:st="on"><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas:contacts" /><st1:GivenName w:st="on">Eisernes</st1:GivenName> <st1:middlename w:st="on">Kreuz</st1:middlename> <st1:Sn w:st="on">I.</st1:Sn></st2lace> Klasse<o></o>
                  00.00.191_ 1914 Eisernes Kreuz II. Klasse<o></o>
                  00.00.191_ Verwundetenabzeichen, 1918 in Schwarz<o></o>
                  00.00.193_ Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer<o></o>
                  00.00.194_ Dienstauszeichnung der NSDAP in Silber(probably,based on low NSDAP-Nr.)<o></o>
                  00.00.194_ Dienstauszeichnung der NSDAP in Bronze<o></o>
                  00.00.19__ Totenkopfring der SS<o></o>
                  16.12.1935 (?) Julleuchter der SS (?)(my research seems to indicate all officers holding the rankof SS-Untersturmführer and above as of 16.12.1935 received this honor from the Reichsführer-SS)<o></o>
                  00.00.193_ Ehrenwinkel für Alte Kämpfer<o></o>
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                    Thats a great career and a pretty low number, Adam.

                    I only have one numbered SS, Its the highest number I know of. Unfortunatly I cant identify the SS man yet.
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                      Nice looking dagger there Eric, shame that number's not in the Key.


                        Very intyeresting history here and some beutyfull daggers
                        Thanks for sharring
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                          Very nice Daggers guys. I do have a Boker Ground Rohm with the number 4893 not stamped, but more like he carved the # in by hand. Roman numeral 1 on back crossguard. Will try to get pics later on today. If anyone can find that number it would be greatly appreciated. And who ever is selling that one on estand, forget the name sorry, I think is under priced IMO. Someone should grab that quick for that price!
                          ps: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


                            Unfortunately 4893 is not in the Key.


                              Thats odd I'd have thought such a low number would have been a better chance of being on the list than a high number.

                              Come on guys lets keep these daggers coming.


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