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WWII Puma Fighting Knife

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    WWII Puma Fighting Knife

    Looking to buy a WWII era puma fighting knife. Outside of eBay does anyone know of a good place or resource to find one??

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    In my experience these knives are completely hit or miss in terms of finding them and particularly finding them with nice blades and original sheathes. It has been my experience since the mid 70s when these first crossed my radar and was the case in the US and all over Europe where I lived a good while and covered much ground.

    For whatever reason these type fighting knives seem to be encountered in very rough condition in the relatively seldom times they are seen at all. I had the chance to buy 3 near mint ones (each different) last summer from a collector who bought a “collection”, but I’m not in so much buying mode and I passed. They all sold in an hour or two and for more then he offered them to me.

    They are like many things in this hobby in that they are much harder to find than many other similar items that routinely bring 10-20x more money and are found in 20:1 ratio or even more.
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