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    Hello gents,

    may I ask you for your opinion on this set? Do you see any red flags on it?

    I must say really like what I see, but your approval is very welcomed here.

    Thank you
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      I like the dagger for several reasons, there are a couple of features which are different than I've seen on other Hörster examples (the scabbard, scabbard screws and scabbard bands) but in spite of this, I believe this one is probably period. It is a bit hard to verify completely because of the way the pictures are angled. Straight up shots make things easier.

      The hangers also are slightly different than the typically seen sets that accompany these daggers but may be period. Have you blacklighted them? Are the velvet backs thicker than normally seen? Are the backs black or dark blue? Is the portepee dot black or dark blue?

      A majority of collectors today will normally not touch a Government Official's dagger by a maker other than Eickhorn or Alcoso. That said, over the years we have seen a small but noticeable number of examples by companies other than these "textbook" makers that are likely pre-1945, companies like Hörster and Höller. Although I do not know if Hörster had this model dagger in their catalogue, it is known that Höller did in fact have the Government Official's dagger listed as #87 (listed as "Beamten Dolch").

      We're not talking about Diplomatic daggers with "Höller Berlin" maker marks or those Spanish Marto reproductions with injection molded crossguards but legitimate 0re-1945 produced items. These items are probably the main reason collectors are so reluctant to trust non-textbook examples.

      The reason I bring up both companies is because they both used a hilt and crossguard that is subtly different from the "textbook" makers. I presume it is likely one of the companies manufactured the hilts and crossguards and the other probably purchased it's parts from the manufacturer. Indeed, the Höller catalogue drawing of the dagger shows the distinctive hilt clearly.

      Both companies' hilts show a slightly more arched pommel eagle than is typically seen, which this one seems to have. Again, an assessment isn't as easy because of the pics. The pommel eagle of these companies' daggers also show a different brow, more arched giving the bird a meaner look.

      One thing to remember about Hörster and Höller examples, they may very well be period but most dealers won't touch them because of collector concerns and a lower price point. Don't overpay on this, even if it's period, but let's see what some others have to say.


        Billy G is right on with his review of this dagger.


          Hello, my few experiences with HÖRSTER gov daggers coincide with these of Billy G. This exotic dagger shown has all features I also can find on one HÖRSTER gov daggers in my files (scabbard, scabbard bands, eyelets, grip, mm.), whatever this might mean.
          I am not too keen concerning the hangers. Imho there are several signs that the hardware did start it´s life on a 2nd luft hanger.
          And although I have learned we have still to learn a lot about portepees I am also not fond of this certain portepee.
          Greetings, daggers.
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            Originally posted by Ron Weinand View Post
            Billy G is right on with his review of this dagger.
            I agree.

            The Horster is a good period one. The scabbard looks like a Eickhorn. Can't tell on the hanger, the portepee is bad.


              Thank you very much for sharing your deep knowledge on this topic, especially big thanks to Billy - what an awesome detailed review!

              I am happy I had a chance to learn something new again...and decided to pass on this piece.

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                I like this dagger and I have Hörster in my list too.

                Here my own list in many years personal observation gov makers:

                Pack u.Söhne
                without maker

                Questionable are WKC und Klaas ones!


                  Agree with others, and the cross guard eagle appears to be Alcoso. Could be the pics but that's what it appears to be. And we all know they shared and bought parts from each other during the period.


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