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Asking info about Burmann Light device.

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    Asking info about Burmann Light device.

    Hi gentlemen.

    I open this thread to ask your help again.

    I´ve been asked to identify an equipment employed during Spanish Civil War. It was used by nationalist forces who fought against marxist republican government. Due to its name probably it was adquired to Germany.

    I´ve been looking for some info but it was unsuccessfully. My thought is that it could be a Blinkgerät 16 or similar manufactured by some factory know as Burmann. It also could be Burgmann or similar. Some material was known in Spain by it´s maker name like FF33,s generally know as Siemens field phone.

    I have received an official telegram (please see this link:!Ala6QgzwZ1PHixZGH7EbGUBlCAs_ )
    from the archives of a Signals regiment. The person in charge of his historic hall is trying to determine which equipments were used by the unit along the time and now is working on Spanish Civil War period (1936-39). It also makes mention to the italian radio set R.3. and personnel for optical telegraphy, telephony and linemen.

    This is a translation of the telegram text:


    General Headquarters of the Army of the North, General Staff.
    Signals Corps Section.
    Number 7466
    Caminreal, February 24, 1938, II Triumphal year.
    Chief of Signals Corps of the Army of the North to the Chief of Signals Corps of the Army of Galicia.
    SANTA EULALIA (a village...)

    It has been arranged the organization of a reduced Signals company for the 85 Division. S.E. the Generalisimo has ordered to take the command of the company to the Lieutenant (complement ) D. José (hidden name previously to post in WAF), currently in Division 82 (Moroccan Army Corps). The Lieutenant will go to Zaragoza to take charge of the following personnel and material:
    1 non-commissioned officer and six optic troop soldiers.
    2 NCOs, 4 corporals and 36 soldiers, telephone operators and linemen.
    3 radio stations R.3. ( italian) with its team.
    3 heliographs of 200 mm.
    2 complete telephone equipment
    3 10 numbers central (kl. Klappenschrank zu 10 Ltg.)
    1 table phone and 15 field phones.
    40 km of heavy field cable and 20 km. of light field cable.
    Miscellaneous material.
    I ask you to inform me of the incorporation into Division 85 of all the mentioned elements.
    The Lieutenant Colonel Chief of Transmissions.



    As usual, I am plenty of confidence in your knowledge.

    Thanks in advance. I will wait for your response.

    Best regards from Spain.

    César S.


    I don't know does this help you on, but there's a patent on the

    "Heliograph or the like" by John August Fale Burman


      Originally posted by Val View Post

      I don't know does this help you on, but there's a patent on the

      "Heliograph or the like" by John August Fale Burman
      Hi Val.

      Thanks for your info. I will try to follow this path.

      Merry Christmas.



        Some new info...

        Good morning.

        I wish you a happy 2018...

        I,ve got some new info about this device.

        I,ve casually found in an book about Signals, from my collection, edited by "Academia de Ingenieros del Ejército", the Army Engineers School in 1965 appears a telegraph light device named as "Bulman". By now, I do not know much more about it like maker, country of origin or so by it appears in the book with some other items employed since last third of 19th century like heliographs and foreign field phones, German and Belgian ones, used in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39.

        This is the link to my onedrive with pdf:!Ala6QgzwZ1PHlFJWCYMEKzXmAyTc

        Thanks to all of you that are trying to advance in this thread.

        Best regards.

        César S.


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