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SS Color Piped Visor Hat Bulag

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    Originally posted by OSS View Post
    Had the cap been genuine the Waffenfarbe is probably closest to Lachsrosa (Salmon) for SS Geologists but I think the faker was shooting for KZ.
    Agree, they were aiming for camp guard piping. What a charmer.



      I agree with the others. A bloody fake

      I add also this:

      BULAG is a very elusive retailer. Personally I have seen no more than four caps during decades of collecting.

      There are two types of logos:
      the first (which I consider certainly original) printed both in white or black on the sweatshield is on four lines: Pekuro inscribed in italics in the rhombus - Stirndruckfrei in italics - deutsches reichspatent in block capitals - the BULAG logo;
      the second (on which one could also arguably argue) printed in silver on the lining is on three lines: BULAG logo - Stirndruckfrei in italics - Deutsches Reichspatent in italics.
      All, however, always connected to the stirndruckfrei system and Kupper's sweatband.

      However, having said this and considering all the other very fundamental negative observations already expressed by the esteemed colleagues, I would add only that this BULAG logo is reproduced in an animalistic way, to say the least
      It is enough to look at the circumference, at the four lateral groups of three rays that sprout from it, at the characters of the acronym, but above all at a tiny detail that I will not say here in order not to help the counterfeiters.

      Best regards
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        The waffenfarbe looks like that reddish/orangey brown that Janke uses for KZ.


          Thank you for all the expert opinions. I didnt have high hopes but thought it looked pretty good. I do love visors above all. I liked the way it was built but was suspicious of the obscure maker. I couldnt find much to compare it to but did see one other where the B&U in BULAG were joined on the left edge.
          When I got it I had a little hope when I saw it showed signs of being worn and it had a treated black color pasteboard. Also, the chinstrap throws me off. It does seem original to the hat. It has adjustment indentations that look like they were done long ago. Also the buttons were painted black and the black paint remains behind the buttons. Flaked off? Perhaps the builder of the cap used an original chinstrap and old buttons? One thing I really didnt like was the blue cloth covered stiffener. I didnt like the black leather sweatband ether. I did like the way the piping is tightly joined with tiny stitches. Now that I know its fake I want to dig a little under the liner to see how it was built and what was used to pad it. I dont have a whole lot into it and I thinking it would make a nice place to display some original insignia.

          Again, thank guys for the expert opinions, Cliff


            A similar one is being auctioned with a starting bid of only $2800:
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