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    S-Haken Sd.Kfz.6: Tragkraft 3000 kg

    3000 kg. I do not know the size of it.

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      1000 kg 'S' Hook

      Nice looking Hook 'Zahnrad'

      Is it Stamped 1000 KG ?
      Have you got some German Vehicle Documentation for these ?

      It looks to be just like the 27 to 28 cm long hook on the right - how heavy is it ?

      Have you a Photo of the 3 Ton 'S'Hook ?

      Sorry - lots of questions, we would just like to have a bit more information and Photos please.

      Kind regards,



        Sorry, that 1000 kg S-Haken is not mine. It's just a picture from eBay.
        I have not checked my 1000 kg S-Haken for any signs and such.

        I have no picture of the 3000 kg S-Haken. The posted drawing is not the correct one - I discovered now.

        Here is data from the Sd.Kfz.10 parts catalogue:


          Sd.Kfz.10 parts catalogue

          ........... ............

          Thanks for that 'Zahnrad',

          This is the first time that I have seen any official documentation evidence of what types of 'S' and / or 'C' Hook were alocated to which vehicle.

          Do you have the complete document ?
          I would certainly be interested in a copy of it.

          Kind regards,



            Hello everyone! I want to show you another hook. What is he from?
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              Interesting thread. I am a tool/track link/fittings collector. This is my S-hook with original Panzer IV clamp. Just to clear something up, this type was used on Panzer III and IV (and for whatever reason Tiger I in Tunisia). The hooks with the solid rounder bit on the middle are half track hooks of varying sizes, you guys seem to be working that out. The only ones I never was sure of was the smaller flat S-hook and the "sausage" type. I think the smaller flat is Panzer II, but is the sausage type from Panzer I? I don't have any good reference.

              Adam - WI 20200928_215957.jpg


                Thanks for posting your 'S' Hook and Panzer IV Clamp Adam.

                Most of the Photos that I have seen of the Panzer III and IV have the large 40 cm Type 'S' Hooks - and there tend to be 2 hooks on each as Standard Issue.

                What is the size of your 'S' Hook Adam ?

                The sausage type are mostly for Panzer I and II - I have posted photos of vehicles with the 'Small Flat Type' earlier in this thread.

                You state that: 'The hooks with the solid rounder bit on the middle are half track hooks of varying sizes'

                I have seen the larger ones of these types on Panzer III and IV as well - so I'm not going to totally agree with you on that one.

                It would be nice to have official written documented evidence ( with supporting photos/pictures/diagrams ) for all military equipment - but WW1 and WW2 documentation is hard to find.

                Any further comments to this thread are greatly appreciated.

                Kind regards,



                  Originally posted by Recymech View Post
                  [FONT=Arial][SIZE=16px]Thanks for posting your 'S' Hook and Panzer IV Clamp Adam.

                  What is the size of your 'S' Hook Adam ?

                  Mine is 37.5 cm. Can you post an image of the ones I said are half-track types on a Panzer III or IV. I've never seen evidence of that unless a half track was involved in maintenance or towing it. I'm certainly not in possession of proof, but I sift through wartime images a lot. I'm always fine being wrong.


                    Outstanding hooks

                    I would first wash and clean them, then bath them with citric acid till the rust is gone, then in a 90° warm vinigar bath for browning the metal finaly some oil protection.

                    search: BMW R12 parts
                    search: everything from Fliegerhorst Illesheim
                    search: everything from Kavallerie Reg. 17 Bamberg


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