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Panther Tank

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    Panther Tank

    I was in process of cleaning up my archive because of a lot of old pictures stored. I found this one, and I thought maybe of some interest for this forum.
    I got it in the 80's in central Europe, then I sold it . Unfortunately, I have taken only this picture at the time, but maybe it's an interesting reference for the camo pattern. Is totally untouched and wartime. Hope it could be interesting.
    P.S. I can also remember there was a base reddish antirust paint (underneath). The holes you can see are bullets....as found!
    Last edited by Daniele Tirelli; 10-16-2007, 03:21 PM.

    That is interesting. Where was this item found exactly in Central Europe? Germany, Hungary?


      More infos...?

      Hallo Daniele!
      Did you have more infos about the Panther-box?This is a great find and absolutly rare as far as i know!!!

      Best regards,Wenzel.


        As you and I had discussed Daniele, that is an extremly rare find with factory applied camo. There are very few pieces that have been found with the original water based camo paint from this time period in that goood of shape. I wish you still had that Panther right side stowage box.
        Glad you posted it again and thanks agian for the help.


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