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    there is indeed the second and the third recovered in piece in Trun and restored in Germany
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      Yes, but your photo is the one at Vimoutiers, the one put back together in Germany is below, first exhibited at Munster now on the USA. And a photo I took in 1977 in the Trun location of a Tiger I turret piece and some wheels.

      cheers paul

      JPG%207%20tiger[1] (2).JPG Trun 1989 img290 - Copy.jpg
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        Thank lennard for photo of Trun ! was 3 years old in 1977 ... did you collect some tiger relics?


          Hi TinTin,

          Not really, eveything was so heavy to lift, just one Tiger wheel is a huge weight, I tried to bring out a PzIV muzzelbrake with about 60cm of barrel, far too heavy for me to lift. But there was the aluminium and woodframe bodywork of a Merc-Benz 170K Kubel there, and I got some door hinges and treadplate from it for my Stoewer that I was restoring at the time, the parts were the same.

          But otherwise just took lots of photos, it was a wonderfull place, so much there.

          cheers PAUL


            Hoebig, the guy in Germany, says he has many parts of a second tiger coming from Thrun which is also under reconstruction and one of Wheatcrofts two Tiger I is also sourced in Normandy, should have been at least a quite complete hull..



              Originally posted by Gran Sasso View Post

              Turret is not facing rear!
              Yep, my mistake.


                Hi Jens.

                Sorry to say only many small parts of a Tiger I at Trun, visited that place many times over many years, the biggest surviving piece of the larger panzers (Panther, Jagdpanther, Tiger I and II) was the piece of lower Panther hull shown below in a photo, and it did originally have its engine when I first saw it.

                However there were several almost complete hulls of the smaller panzers, Wespe, Flak Pz 38(t) and a Panzer II, the PzII is now at Saumur and a runner.

                It seems the larger Panzers were cut into many pieces a long time ago, see the Panther rear hull section in the second photo, there were many pieces of Panther like that.

                cheers PAUL.

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                  Lennard, I think I wrote it not clear... the fragments Hoebig welded into 1 or 2 hulls were said to originate from Trun. A jigsaw puzzle with only fragments, not incomplete tanks like the Pz38 variants. Wheatcroft writes that his second Tiger hull is from normandy without giving an exact location, surely not Trun...



                    Hi Jens,

                    Ok, what you say is correct, many Trun pieces re-welded together.
                    The Wheatcroft Tiger, supposidly from Normandy, its origins are a mystery for everyone.

                    cheers Paul


                      Panther and tiger relics Falaise gap.
                      The lighthouse was dismantled on a bergepanther
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