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Help Needed on Panzer 38 T Track Link parts !

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    Help Needed on Panzer 38 T Track Link parts !

    Could someone please help me with information on the Panzer 38 T Track Link dimensions and Track Pin type ?

    The good 'Panzer Ketten Book' states that the Track Links were connected with 'Headless' Pins - but instead used 'Sprengringe'
    ( Snap Rings ) to keep the pins in place.

    Any clear closeup photos of a Correct Track Pin and the Securing Method - and Pin Dimensions would be greatly appreciated.

    The book also mentions that the Track Link is 29 cm wide ( a measurement width usually taken where the Track Pin goes )
    Could someone also please check their Panzer 38 T Track Link and give me an accurate measurement of that part ?

    As Always - any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,


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    The track is retained by a wire e-clip on one end. The e-clip fits in between both track links in a recess in the track and then the pin is driven into the link. The pin is tapered on both ends and there is only one e-clip groove on one side of the pin. Pin length is 31 cm long, diameter 17mm, the grove for the e-clip is 1 mm deep, the groove is 41.5 mm from the end of the pin, the diameter of the pin at the tapered end is around 11 mm.
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      Fantastic - Thanks ever so much for the information and the Photos krazykat - that explains a lot !

      Stay Safe and Kind Regards,

      - Pete -


        So what's the deal with the very obvious headed track pins in the picture in the first post then?


          I'm assuming you mean the one in this picture Steve ?

          If so - one like this was for sale on ebay claiming it to be Panzer 38 (t) Track Pin - RARE!
          Check out the 3rd Picture in the listing.

          This pin is more likely to be for Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer Track Link - if at all.

          Stay Safe and Kind Regards,

          - Pete -

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