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Stunning wounded badge in gold - opinions please

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    Stunning wounded badge in gold - opinions please

    I am in the proces of buying this VWA in Gold.

    Reading some old threads, I come to the conclusion that in the end of the war black wounded badges were painted gold, because of the lack of golden badges. Is this one of those badges? The "normal" badges were the heavy ones, if I am not wrong.

    I very much would like some opinions on this badge.

    Thanks in advance,
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    In my experience the "normal" GWBs were as you say "heavy" badges, yes from my understanding towards the end of the war some BWB's were painted gold. I still have the problem of determining "when" the BWBs were painted Gold; what is a period "painting" and what is not.

    My initial impression of the pics of the badge you have shown are that the "Golding" of the badge is period, however it is easy to produce an aged looking badge.

    Sorry this is not very helpfull, but I think the badge is correct for a WB, as for the "Golding" - I'm not sure.


      I go with fugpaw on this one
      Just a note...In the last few months I have seen a few hollows
      painted silver with maker mark 81 on them.
      Yes,I collect wound badges.....And looking for more.
      Resistance is Futile



        Why do you think that this piece is good. Is it because it doesn't display any black paint. Maybe, I know this is going to sound a little crazy but gently scrap off just a little of the gold paint and see if there's any black underneath. I think that badges that were painted from stock piles wouldn't have been painted black first then gold. At least not in great numbers. If you stop and think about it, if their trying to safe paint or are lacking the paint why waste black paint. Another thing I was pondering was, what's the badge made of. Because if it's tombac wasn't that also a scarce material at the end of the war. So the paint was more scarce then the materials to make the badge. Sounds weird. I'm not necessarily saying that the badge is bad but maybe the theory behind why the badge is ok could be bad. You never know where this theory orginally came from. Maybe the badge is bad and when these badges were produced that expliantion was used to get them in to the collecting community.

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          Hello Guys,

          Thank you all for the input. There are to many questions for me on this badge, so I am not going to buy it.

          Furthermore the price is very hight (dealer) so I am going to pass it.

          Thanks for all your help.



            Gold wound badges are pricey. I wouldn't pay the money without solid proof. If I could get it for the price of a black one I might consider taking the chance.


              A wise decision IMO.


                I'm a believer of hollow silver-gold WB and the solid black WB, i have some examples and my self.

                Of course its risky because the WBs can be upgrated postwar easily.


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