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    TW sold this set comparable recently.


      A comparable set sold recently:
      NSDAPMEDALS #42319C Pair of Matching Golden Party Badges

      This pair of matching Golden Party Badges consists of the large, 30mm style worn with a uniform and the smaller, 24mm size worn on the lapel of a civilian outfit.
      The large example is in nice condition throughout, with no faults on the enamel. It shows evidence of being worn but has no damage anywhere.The reverse of the badge has a barrel hinge, tapered pin, and a soldered catch. It is marked "Ges Gesch" and has a serial number of "42719".
      The smaller badge is also in nice condition. Looking through a loop I can see a small line just above the 3 o'clock leg of the swastika, but it seems to be more of a scratch than a crack in the enamel. In any event it is not visible to the naked eye. The reverse of the badge has an affixed safety pin and is marked "Deschler M√ľnchen 9" and has a serial number of "42719", matching the large version.
      I know these badges can be researched by serial number. I would contact respected researcher Rob McDivitt if you'd like to dig a little deeper into the history of these badges.
      A great and rare opportunity to acquire a set of very fine matching Party Badges.
      Near Mint. $4,500.00


        Right you are, Andreas, and the large badge features the military pin, which is the more desirable pin for this badge. A beautiful and rare set!

        Br. James



          I forgot to mention I originally purchased these from John Pepera.