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    Goldene Ehrennadel d. DAF #1073 in red DAF case found on Deutschefundforum.
    Collecting is a continuing education!
    paid for Walther Model 8 #727649 and Walther PP #975557


      Here is my last find
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        Nice set although the pin was probably put into the wrong box as one is marked 1267 and the other 1269.

        I see that its now for sale on estand.

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          DAF Ehrennadel

          My two earlier post unfortunately used Photobucket images that are not now viewable as I will not pay their price. So I am re-posting both here.


          "I was lucky to acquire an example of the DAF gold pin with number 561. The pin seems identical to the standard DAF membership pin, but now it is 333 gold, finely finished and with impressed numbers of several hundred. Would it be for senior members? I have never observed a DAF membership book with a member number. Would the gold badges have been issued for special accomplishments within the DAF? For example, the Kriegsmusterbetriebe received the honor to fly the DAF flag with gold DAF insignia and gold fringe. Perhaps there is some association there. But I have found no documentation on this gold badge so far in my search."

          "I have tried to locate some period reference to the golden pins, but have had no success as yet. I did not find a mention of the pins in any of the earlier "reference books" on TR medals and badges either, but decided to check the copy of the Angolia/Littlejohn book on the German Labor Organizations and found it mentioned.

          As usual, a rather uninformative description other than the creation of a couple names in German. And of course, no reference to their source for information which is typical of these works. But the suggestion of "DAF goldene Ehrennadel" does have some merit. I think of the appearance of the golden DAF insignia and can only associate it with the award of the DAF Musterbetriebe or later Kriegsmusterbetriebe.

          I would posit the theory that these golden DAF honor badges were presented to the Betriebesführers (Factory Management/Owners) of those factories that received the golden DAF flags. This is basically what Stan opined in the earlier thread. But as I pointed out in the posted link above the designation of the factory is only good for a year , so why give the owner the pin? Has anyone seen one of the Besitzurkunde mentioned by Angolia/Littlejohn?"
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          Collecting is a continuing education!
          paid for Walther Model 8 #727649 and Walther PP #975557


            Further DAF Golden Ehrennadel Information

            As of now, I have two dozen Ehennadel numbers recorded. The production differences break down into: Type 1.Numbered on reverse on sproket of DAF wheel, mkd. 333 gold,RZM and impressed stamped M1/77. 2.Numbered on reverse inside rim of wheel, mkd.333,RZM and with raised stamp M1/77. 3. Numbered on reverse rim, RZM and raised M1/77 stamp without 333 gold mark.
            Type 3 Ehrennadels would appear to have started in the early 600 or late 590 numbers.

            In addition, we now know these Ehrennadels were awarded with a Besitzurkunde that at first did not indicate the number of the award, but later did. These Ehrennadels were awarded to both the factory/enterprise owner and facility DAF Obmann.

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            Collecting is a continuing education!
            paid for Walther Model 8 #727649 and Walther PP #975557


              image_4493955.jpg image_4493956.jpg Goldene Musterbetriebe Ehrennadel and Besitzurkunde

              With the help of another collector friend, I was able to acquire this example of a numbered pin #679 and the Besitzurkunde. Note it was presented in 1941 which throws into disarray my estimates of production dates/numbers. This pin was presented to the Factory DAF Foreman, who along with the factory owner received the golden Ehrennadel.

              Note the pin does not have the 333 gold mark.
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              Collecting is a continuing education!
              paid for Walther Model 8 #727649 and Walther PP #975557


                Interesting. Thanks for showing, Joe.
                Will pay top money for items related to "Füsilier-Regiment Königin Viktoria von Schweden (Pommersches) Nr 34"



                  wow that is different ..Thanks for posting


                    I just saw your post on this different thread.
                    First - Truly Incredible acquisition! Why am I not surprised??

                    Second / I was wondering over the numbering of the DAF Gold Honor Pin, on Thanksgiving day, on the other DAF thread. (I too wish they were combined.)

                    I had not seen this when I posted my doubts about the numbering of the DAF Ehrennadels. I was questioning why the numbers were so high. When the research shows that many of these winners were repeats.

                    Stan’s theory is the best one / plus his idea that some of these awards, like so many others(Knight’s Cross) were pre-manufactured and went into collections at war’s end - by far the best theory, IMO.

                    But here are the numbers I posted on the other thread, which would explain the low numbering on your incredible example(IMO)

                    1937: 30

                    1938: 73

                    1939: 99

                    1940: ??

                    1941: 109

                    1942: ?

                    MANY of these awards were repeats. The factory was able to hold the Model Factory Honor, the honor flag, etc. But I somehow doubt the winners, year after year, would get New Gold DAF Pins, with new numbers. It is hard to assume that.
                    So - it makes perfect sense, the numbering of your 1941 award.

                    Check out the video I posted on the ‘other DAF Gold Honor Pin’ thread.)

                    109 winners - but only a few folks on stage were new awardees. Remember- I have Durkoppwerke’s Urkunde - shabby as it may be - and 1941 was their first award year. There is nothing near 109 awardees on stage.

                    No, I suspect your winner, with the 600 range DAF Ehrennadrl award, was perhaps a new supervisor for the company. Stan’s comments about new personnel, ew supervisors, may explain this.

                    Just ideas!


                      Actually, given the numbers I just posted, your DAF honor pin could have been Brand New!!!
                      Look at the number count, factor in repeats, and you could have one of the only surviving pins with such a paper award - 679 falls right into the numbering scheme.
                      I’d buy it!

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                        And let’s not forget Stan’s excellent suggestion about more than one plant location per winning company, and thus higher numbers of Ehrennadel award pins for the different supervisors in each location. Check Archi’s comments in the Awards and photos section - how the Musterbetriebe awards went up to over 509, and were also awarded in1943/44. This is from a book link he posted.
                        Still, I have never seen an award later than 1942 for NS-Musterbetrieb. Not even a photo.
                        So I assume the Kriegs-musterbetriebe were continued to be awarded the pins?

                        Sorry for all the words, ‘But I gets Excited about my Musterbetrieb!’


                          Golden Ehrennadel of the NSBO moved to its own thread here.
                          Collecting is a continuing education!
                          paid for Walther Model 8 #727649 and Walther PP #975557


                            Kai Winkler has an interesting DAF membership book on his site. It was owned by a Betriebesleiter (Factory/Plant Leader). Kai thought the position identical to Betriebesführer. Has anyone else seen such an example? Hard to imagine the president of Messerschmidt or IG Farben worrying about getting his dues stamps in the book.

                            Collecting is a continuing education!
                            paid for Walther Model 8 #727649 and Walther PP #975557


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